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Welcome To CoreBrain Journal

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Welcome Fellow Travelers – As You Know: Markers Matter

First of all, thanks for your interest in joining us for personal reports from the CoreBrain Journal benches and trenches – from the pros to the streets. We appreciate your participation on several possible levels. Listen, share, comment, add to the conversations.

Here at CBJ I host straight talking audio reports on the many brain and biomedical observations that today improve mind care options with fresh maps and new markers. Then, take a moment to listen to my brief…

CBJ Audio Welcome Here

Big Problem: Reality Overlooked

In the first place, many now recognize the pervasive issues of treatment failure and imprecise thinking in contemporary, standard, mind science. In reality, in but one generation, we’ve moved beyond a standard of professional passivity, fantasy, dreams, and outright guesswork to include up-to-date, reality-based, data-driven maps with growing predictability. It’s time to move past silent acceptance of labels and guesswork to join forces and participate as advocates for change.

At CoreBrain Journal we get Reality more right with global thought leaders involved in that process of informed improvements.

Complexity requires both fresh data and balanced teamwork. The new formula: Data + Teamwork = Improved Mind Care.

Solutions Evolve

It’s important to note that today remarkable new biomedical technologies regularly identify clear markers for safe havens in our travels through the changes we all experience along life’s way.

Remember, proven markers matter – especially if sailing a rocky coastline.

Our Mission

In fact, our mission at CBJ is at once complicated and quite simple. At CBJ our inspirational CoreBrain Guests will help translate the most challenging mind and biomedical concepts into street-understandable insights. We routinely ask our insightful CBJ Guests to provide opportunities for CoreBrain Clients to also comment here on CBJ to spell out their personal, at home, street-tested experiences – to add their different insights to advances in mind care. Here at CBJ caregivers, researchers and clients all connect to discuss real treatment outcomes, with real people.


Professionals and clients talking about why, how, and what works best from their personal experiences? Novel idea. My CBJ Mission Page spells out the details. Search

Mission Statement Download

A convenient two-page PDF summary of our mission at CBJ is available for download at this link.


I will appreciate and respond to your feedback, inquiries, and analysis along the way as we travel together on these different paths. Your more specific comments and are welcome here on this easy response form: CoreBrain Journal Suggestion Box.

Even easier: comments on an episode will enhance understanding, so don’t hesitate, chime in.

And you will also notice that each podcast provides specific opportunities to add to each conversation. Don’t forget to share and forward your thoughts to your personal tribes. It takes team participation to highlight these important details to those in need. Your experiences will help amplify each discussion.

Let’s go

Then, to ensure you stay current, be sure to sign up for Updates below so that we can keep you posted on each post and podcast interview. The iTunes and Google music links on the front page also provide easy ways to catch reports on the way to work, or on your morning run, whatever your devices.

With this in mind, I look forward to our travels together – out on the roads, exploring new landscapes with fresh maps. Forward-thinking researchers now change the landscape of opportunities to recover from mind and body imbalances.

Experts Agree

As an illustration, listen up below as Dr. Thomas Insel, recently Chairman of the National Institute of Mental Health explains aspects of Brain and Mind changes taking place – part of the background for why CoreBrain Journal.


Why Join Our Brain Science Team  – Dr. Thomas Insel, Past Chair NIMH


With new charts in hand, let’s go now,