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295 Yoga’s Four Pillars – The Path – O’Brian

yoga, path, transcendence

Yoga practice keeps an internal perspective on the vagaries of everyday life – and these four pillars reveal both the objectives and value of that work.

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265 Yoga Practice For Depression & Anxiety – Shahar

yoga practice depression

Yoga practice adds measured results to recovery with depression & anxiety – affects brain function, neurophysiology, in a constructive, rehabilitative way.

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208 Tools For Transitions Beyond Narcissism – Mitchem

narcissism, transitions, tools

Transition tools will help when narcissism undermines your sense of belonging and intimacy. They say, family, they mean self. I am the family, period.

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142 Meditation Corrects Treatment Failure – Shelley

meditation, applications, biomedical reasons, multiple sclerosis, bipolar

Meditation can correct treatment failure for both psychiatric and medical conditions that otherwise seem out of reach for traditional interventions.

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120 Yoga, Science and Mind – Perlmutter

yoga, mind, body, meditation, transformation

Yoga becomes medical – evidence is everywhere that meditation improves health, mental acuity, emotional balance and spiritual connection.

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