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298 Teams Leadership & The Responsibility Process – Avery -2

responsibility process

Leadership involves an essential responsibility process to discourage splitting and encourage team development. Dr. Avery details the essentials here at CBJ

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295 Yoga’s Four Pillars – The Path – O’Brian

yoga, path, transcendence

Yoga practice keeps an internal perspective on the vagaries of everyday life – and these four pillars reveal both the objectives and value of that work.

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272 Spiritual Life Lessons For Kids – de Bonvoisin

spiritual life, children, path

Spiritual Life Lesson For Kids provides a Path for self-discovery, self-confidence and a meaningful way to begin to manage life’s adversities.

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258 Emotional Eating When Food Is Comfort – Simon

emotional eating

Details on this second interview regarding emotional eating with Julie Simon provide insights on the predictable traumatic underpinnings of food compulsions.

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257 Sexual Abuse Recovery & Self Management – Schapers

sexual abuse recovery

Sexual abuse creates a variety of developmental challenges that go far beyond the relative simplicity of damaged self-esteem into relationship mastery.

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