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058 SPECT Brain Evidence Dr Joseph Annibali

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SPECT Brain Evidence – Measured Functional Challenges  I realized that practicing psychoanalysis and psychotherapy without having a firm grasp of how the brain works significantly interfered with my ability to help patients. ~ Joseph Annibali Dr. Annibali’s Bio Ed Note – Added 5-27-18: It came to my attention yesterday that Dr. Annibali, an old friend who took…

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014 Pallavi Kumar – Nutrition & Detox Evolve

ORGANIC, nutrition, diet, healthy, longevity

Nutrition denial is pervasive – and Pallavi is the first of many professionals I’ll interview as we travel down this CBJ path together. In this episode she addresses specific considerations for constructing nutritional and detox solutions.

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001 Parker – Why CoreBrain Journal Matters

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CoreBrain Journal marks new mind journeys. Any safe travels begin and end with markers and maps. If you know where you’re going, you’re more likely to arrive.

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