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196 Destructive Post-Truth Politics – Tsipursky

post-truth politics, lies, emotional intelligence

Leadership in politics corrodes with deception and obvious post-truth explanations & speculations. Solutions involve improved electorate awareness.

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191 Childhood Trauma – Recovery & Mastery – Brown

childhood trauma, parenting, recovery, self esteem,

Childhood trauma leads to misperceptions of self. Recovery requires a different, more informed view of who you are, your strengths and your values.

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169 Narcissism Survival Guide – Behary

narcissism, self, denial, low self esteem

Narcissism survival is not easy. They’re charismatic, smart, & act like they own the world & quite easily put you down with imperious glances & outright rage.

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146 Codependent Permissions Create Family Tragedy – Prouse

codependent, codependency, choice, self-esteem,

Codependency creates inadequate choices. Low self-esteem creates a victim role which sets out to change the behavior of others by victim pain.

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129 Stress – Decisions and Parenting – Marshall

stress, discipline, parenting, negotiation

Stress is a teacher – first recognize that it’s encouraged by focusing on the negative, lost without options one needs to reframe with the positive

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