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266 Boredom As A Marker For Action – Copper

boredom, action

Boredom is a topic so commonplace that you might at first you’ve heard it all before. Well, tighten up because here Jeff helps with new perspective-tools.

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208 Tools For Transitions Beyond Narcissism – Mitchem

narcissism, transitions, tools

Transition tools will help when narcissism undermines your sense of belonging and intimacy. They say, family, they mean self. I am the family, period.

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198 Self-Deception & Denial – Reality Recovery & Change – Warren

self-deception, denial

Self-deception encourages denial & creates an almost delusional sense of security & safety. Self-deception operates to dismiss the reality of change.

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193 Mental Toughness For Women Leaders – Quy

toughness women, FBI, leadership

Mental toughness for women leaders in the context of male domination, especially with leadership in the context of FBI insights on international crime

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167 Science & Contrarian Thinking Beyond Dogma – Virol

contrarian thinking, dogma, polemics, complexity

Contrarian thinking from space travel to beliefs. The Mars Rover to boundaries, science and this Galileo Mind Moment wherein evidence matters beyond belief.

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