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074 Beyond Bipolar Meds – Fidel

bipolar, recovery, mood disorder, self realization, meditation

Explore Bipolar Recovery Beyond Medications We can become our true selves in the awake state when our minds drop our acquired thoughts and beliefs. When we lose the idea of ourselves, the mental concept of self disappears and we discover the true being of ourselves free of preconceived ideas. ~ Jeffrey Fidel Bipolar Revisited: As A…

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007 Dr Robert Hedaya – On Biomedical Evidence

inflammation, brain, pain,

Biomedical details improve psychiatric interventions. Dr Hedaya spells out important biomedical details that change brain function – and are too often neglected by extant standards that target behavioral appearances. He’s actively involved in both practice and research, and in this episode shares some interesting new brain and pain perspectives that arise from measurable inflammation.

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