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314 ADHD Kids & Law – Tudisco-2

adhd kids, law, children, behavior, lawyers, impulsivity

ADHD Kids may meet legal challenges on many levels, from school issues to specific criminal activities. Robert Tudisco carefully explains multiple levels of intervention.

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212 ADHD Prisoner Education To Prevent Recidivism & Relapse – Battinelli

prison, adhd, opiates, drug addiction,

ADHD education to prevent recidivism with prisoners involved with self-medication and denial. The opiate crisis is directly related this plan matters.

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090 Stimulants Opiates & College Athletics – Teece

stimulants, amphetamine, drugs, opiates, college, weight class,

Stimulants and weight control come together too often in college athletic programs. Listen up as a Yale crew athlete tells us about his recovery

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083 Fibromyalgia Migraines and Mind – Greenberg

fibromyalgia, migraine, NET, NEAT, EMDR, kinesiology

Fibromyalgia Pain Matters: Fresh Connections Between Mind & Body – Think you’re traveling outside of the box? Prepare for a deeper dive from Dr. Greenberg.

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