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274 Step Into Your Moxie – Vernon

moxie, women, courage

Make this #metoo moment more about your moxie, your life, your meaningful purpose, your relationships, and your work. Difficulties become an opportunity.

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267 Desire, Sexual Sovereignty, Sexual Trauma – Desilets

desire sexual trauma

Sexual trauma can significantly impact a woman’s sense of her self-esteem, and her own sensuality as it relates to desire and self-management in the world.

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219 Sexual Healing After Childhood Trauma – Carson

Sexual healing

Sexual healing occurs after sexual trauma with a clear understanding of next steps. Carolin shares both her trauma & her improved perspectives for recovery.

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204 Sexual Sovereignty & The Sensual Woman – Desilets

sensual woman, sexual awakening, ptsd, trauma, metoo

In this interview, we discuss Dr. Desilet’s view of rediscovering the sensual woman within. Trauma left her confused, and with refreshingly straight talk she details recovery principles.

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198 Self-Deception & Denial – Reality Recovery & Change – Warren

self-deception, denial

Self-deception encourages denial & creates an almost delusional sense of security & safety. Self-deception operates to dismiss the reality of change.

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