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289 Combat Stress Recovery Revisited-2 Billings

vets, vterans, combat stress, TBI, PTSD, recovery, brain injury

Combat Stress includes a variety of issues, a complexity overlooked with multiple identifiable contributions, each with specific treatment protocols.

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164 Biomedical Measures For Treatment Failure – Lewis

biomedical measures, markers matter, laboratory

Biomedical measures now dramatically improve treatment outcomes. The Lewis Team sets the bar even higher: virtual consults, cost-effective labs & supplements.

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141 Details For The End of Autism – Walsh

autism markers, ASD, PDD,

The end of autism approaches through detailed autism markers that investigate new cost-effective data from molecular physiology.

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137 Copper & Kryptopyrrole Corrupt Brain Function – Walsh

kryptopyrrole, copper, nutirent power, Dr William Walsh,

Kryptopyrrole creates challenges that if combined with its wicked friend free copper can reek havoc with neurotransmitters that create treatment failure.

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042 Biomedical Markers Bipolar & Schizophrenia Dr Walsh-3

biomedical markers, bipolar, schizophrenia, copper, kryptopyrrole

Dopamine elevation matters in schizophrenia, and most current antipsychotic medications aim at lowering activity of this neurotransmitter. Unfortunately, this is the wrong approach for schizophrenics with different brain chemistry.

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