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056 Hypnosis Insights William Shane

self hypnosis, hypnosis, guided imagery, addiction, smoking

Self hypnosis works to support goal achievement in many walks of life. Here William Shane describes his transformation from lost, to stage hypnotist, to healing practitioner.

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038 Hypnosis, Synthesis and Recovery Dr John McGrail

hypnosis, guided imagery, anxiety, trauma

Hypnosis informs Synthesis; integrating modern science with tools, techniques, methods and traditions more spiritually oriented – the old ways – to help Western thinkers rediscover their personal power and thrive in what has become a very energetically imbalanced culture and society.

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008 Heidi Siefkas – TBI, PTS, and PTG

brain injury, tbi, ptsd, depression

Brain Injured – Not Dead. Heidi Siefkas is a woman with a message, and she’s on a mission. If you think you’ve been through the mill, just check out the details of Heidi’s bouts with changing reality – including brain trauma in her own back yard. Her message, quite simply, is grow from your adversities… and she tells us how she did manage her recovery from multiple physical and emotional wounds.

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