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200 Arthritis & Exercise – Pain & Recovery – Perillo

pain, arthritis, detox, opiates

Arthritis pain provides a roadmap to underlying chronic metabolic challenges with characteristic pain, and fresh, opiate-alternative recovery treatments.

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139 Bioengineering Body & Mind – Piore

bioengineering, body builders,

With bioengineering advances, Piore visits people with regrown parts of their fingers & legs in the wake of terrible traumas – listen as prosthetics change.

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109 Vibrant Heart Mind and Brain Recovery Principles – Thaik

vibrant heart,

Vibrant heart recovery provides more useful tools to comprehensively address brain and biomedical imbalances that at first make little sense from symptoms alone.

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067 Brain Balance Body Recovery – McCusker

body recovery, rehabilitation, mind-body, mind balance

Body recovery begins with an insightful plan, an awareness beyond mind-labels for a foundation of integrated recovery between mind and body.

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065 FitShrink Dr Kelly Morrow-Baez

fitshrink, weight loss, fitness, health coach, mind and body

My FitShrink goal when I work with clients is not to get them to look like fitness models. I work primarily with women ages 45-60 who internally know they want to be healthier but feel lost with the how.

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