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243 Surviving Mental Illness – Beyond Stigma – Baron-Katz

mental illness recovery stigma

Mental illness recovery requires a survival guide. In this evocative interview, an acclaimed author with personal street experience discusses how.

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242 Resilience, Life and Recovery – Brookman

resilience, life, recovery

Resilience in dealing with the adversities of life can be developed and practiced for recovery throughout life’s challenges.

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241 Teams Leadership and Boundaries – Davidson

teams leaders

Teams grow from leadership initiatives. Without a system & a clear understanding of next steps – without ownership, the mission becomes lost in the debate.

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196 Destructive Post-Truth Politics – Tsipursky

post-truth politics, lies, emotional intelligence

Leadership in politics corrodes with deception and obvious post-truth explanations & speculations. Solutions involve improved electorate awareness.

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029 Pam Stokes-Eggleston – Yoga For Stress Recovery

stress. combat stress, yoga, balance, tbi, ptsd, pts

Yoga Insights – Stress Anywhere: It wasn’t until my husband was injured in Iraq and began recuperating at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, that I understood the deeply personal significance of this new challenging reality, and fully recognized how yoga would change my own, our own lives.

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