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296 Nutritional Wisdom – Food & Mind – Pollack

nutritional wisdom

Nutritional wisdom provides an additional useful marker for your own self-management process and your growing connections with constructive change.

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231 Weight Loss & Emotional Eating – Simon

weight loss

Weight loss cannot occur overtime without first correcting the underlying causes of emotional eating for comfort to manage emotional past issues.

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210 Lectins & Plant Paradox – Foods & Health – Gundry

lectins, beans, antinutrition, Gundry

Dr. Steven Gundry brings an important different perspective regarding influence on gut health, nutrition, immunity, weight gain, & dietary changes for body & mind

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188 The Neurobiology of Food Addiction – Leppo

neurobiology food, food addiction, weight loss

Food addiction is a global issue wherever food is plentiful. Benefits occur for anyone thinking more completely about how food affects the mind & body

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117 Nutrition Details Prevent Chronic Illness – Fuhrman

nutritarian, nutrition, nutritional, chronic illness, diabetes, heart disease,

Nutrition challenges always contribute to the evolution of chronic illness from heart disease, diabetes, to immunity issues. Dr. Fuhrman details why and how.

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