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308 Home Toxin Solutions – Pizzorno-2

toxin solution, solutions, Pizzorno, trace elements, heavy metals,

Pizzornos’s exemplary toxin research and clinical experience punctuate the damaging molecular realities all of us face globally as we continue to produce and use more toxins over time.

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233 The Pain Companion – Recovery Insights – Shockley

pain companion

The Pain Companion addresses the complexity of recovery from pain on many levels including the multiple psychological challenges so often overlooked.

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228 Stress Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia – Davies

stress, chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue does connect on a measurable biomedical level with stress, fibromyalgia and long-standing immunity challenges that so often remain overlooked.

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218 Schizophrenia Reconsidered – For My Brother – Schaper

schizophrenia reconsidered

Schizophrenia reconsidered as Rebecca Shaper travels a path of inquiry & recovery through finding & working with her lost brother.

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217 Turbo Metabolism – Mind & Body Recovery – Vij

turbo metabolism

Dr. Vij addresses multiple issues with chronic metabolic disease using turbo metabolism from different yet medically based resources.

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