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300 CoreBrain Journal Diversifies – Parker

CoreBrain Journal Change

Dr. Charles Parker reconfigures plans for the future of CoreBrain Journal looking for ways to grow our CoreBrain message.

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259 Leadership Change & Team Building – Booker-Drew

leadership change

Women leaders contribute to evolved understandings of leadership change & the vagaries of keeping organizations connected on mission & process.

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198 Self-Deception & Denial – Reality Recovery & Change – Warren

self-deception, denial

Self-deception encourages denial & creates an almost delusional sense of security & safety. Self-deception operates to dismiss the reality of change.

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110 Artistic Self Discovery – Nolan

artistic self discovery, self realization, self management, transformation

Artistic self-discovery provides a means for insightful personal transformation. In this episode a contemporary symbolist explains how art changes your life.

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070 Disability Recovery – Tscherne & Love

disability recovery, disability, rehabilitation, fear, reality, change, self reliance

Disability recovery involves direct action with reality. Every one of us is on a journey that leads us into a labyrinth. The roads we travel on are not always straight; they have curves, bumps, and walls to climb, and travel is not easy.

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