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259 Leadership Change & Team Building – Booker-Drew

leadership change

Women leaders contribute to evolved understandings of leadership change & the vagaries of keeping organizations connected on mission & process.

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242 Resilience, Life and Recovery – Brookman

resilience, life, recovery

Resilience in dealing with the adversities of life can be developed and practiced for recovery throughout life’s challenges.

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241 Teams Leadership and Boundaries – Davidson

teams leaders

Teams grow from leadership initiatives. Without a system & a clear understanding of next steps – without ownership, the mission becomes lost in the debate.

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234 Relationship Balance Ends Emotional Confusion – Robinson

relationship balance

Relationship balance can be managed through informed, thoughtful approaches that will take anyone back from the front lines of personal combat. Listen up!

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223 Beyond Stress – Breaking Up With Busy – Tally

stress, recovery, self-management

Stress accelerates when busy rules the day. Listen up at Yvonne Tally, an expert in personal organization and prioritization helps restructure time.

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