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246 Gut Immunity, Testing and Brain Dysfunction – Jaffe

immunity brain

Immunity challenges, no matter how they may at first appear insignificant, directly affect brain function. Dr. Jaffe discusses details from his exemplary experience.

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215 Autism Markers & New Data Targets – Woeller-2

autism spectrum markers

Biomedical Testing for autism markers now changes the clinical process of diagnosis and treatment for the increasing incidence of autism spectrum disorders

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209 Evolution Of Biomedical Psychiatry Diagnosis & Treatment – Tsafrir

biomedical psychiatry, testing, molecular physiology, immunity, microbes

Dr. Tsafrir is a Harvard child and adult psychiatrist with a larger vision of mind – who uses biomedical psychiatry for evolved, more comprehensive care.

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190 Molds Mycotoxins & Treatment Failure – Pratt-Hyatt

mold, mycotoxins, treatment failure,

Mycotoxins from mold create significant brain problems with downstream neurologic impairments, brain fog, depression & anxiety. New tests provide improved answers.

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153 Autism Spectrum Complexity Community & Family – Moore

autism recovery, ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder,

Autism Spectrum care evolves to include many complexities so characteristic of ASD clinical presentations. Dr. Moore discusses how recovery involves an informed community

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