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234 Relationship Balance Ends Emotional Confusion – Robinson

relationship balance

Relationship balance can be managed through informed, thoughtful approaches that will take anyone back from the front lines of personal combat. Listen up!

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232 Essential Tremor – High Intensity Focused Ultrasound – Kaplitt

essential tremor

Essential tremor previously required brain surgery and here Dr. Kaplitt tells us about remarkable new tools to modify brain function through ultrasound to correct.

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231 Weight Loss & Emotional Eating – Simon

weight loss

Weight loss cannot occur overtime without first correcting the underlying causes of emotional eating for comfort to manage emotional past issues.

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230 Phobia – NLP Resolution Insights – Barlis

NLP, phobia, recovery, fear

NLP – Neuro-linguistic programming does directly improve phobia challenges as noted by this expert NLP clinician who works with Dr. Bandler’s master plan.

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229 Enzyme Systems & Refractory Food Sensitivities – Houston

enzyme answers, food sensitivity

Enzymes directly break down proteins in ways not previously appreciated and Dr. Houston, an international expert details treatment implications for a variety of issues.

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