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293 Enzyme Systems & Refractory Food Sensitivities – Houston – 2

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Enzyme Intervention Systems for Refractory Food Sensitivities

Devin Houston, Ph.D., is the founder and CEO of Houston Enzymes, a division of Houston Nutraceuticals, Inc. Dr. Houston obtained his doctorate in biochemistry from the University of South Alabama College of Medicine. Dr. Houston reports here on details of these enzyme systems. 

His graduate work focused on enzyme discovery. Subsequent research at the University of Virginia and Saint Louis University focused on enzyme mechanisms involved in cellular communication. Dr. Houston followed his academic career with research and development in enzyme manufacturing and invented the first digestive enzyme targeted to the unique digestive issues of autism.

His company, Houston Enzymes, provides a variety of enzyme products for digestive support. Dr. Houston often speaks at autism conferences on how enzymes can play a role in the gut-brain connection. In this meeting, we discuss details on the controversy and the promise of using enzymes for food sensitivity issues.

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Dr. Houston – Enzyme Applications On The Air

I was tasked to investigate food sensitivities.

It makes sense scientifically – and ASD kids are improving.


Enzyme Insights & Resources


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