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167 Science & Contrarian Thinking Beyond Dogma – Virol

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Extraordinary Means Just That – Beyond The Ordinary

Contrarian: A person who takes up a contrary position, especially a position opposed to the majority view, regardless of how unpopular it is.

– Webster’s Dictionary

Thinking Perspectives: Constructive Contrarian Insights

Ozan Virol is a rocket scientist turned author, award-winning law professor, and inventive rethinker. At heart, he’s an avowed and exceedingly interesting contrarian. Through his articles and interviews, he shows how extraordinary thinking produces extraordinary results, whether at work or at the next dinner party. He helps us reconsider the underlying opportunities in these times of neuroscience discovery, our Galileo Mind Moment.

  • And don’t misunderstand the potentially negative implications of his identity as a ‘contrarian!’ You’ll understand why when you listen in.

Note: Consider his team: thousands who are members of his exclusive email list span multiple industries. They’re New York Times bestselling authors, lawyers, musicians, corporate executives, doctors, and constitutional court judges. But above all, they’re pioneers and rebels. They have a passion for redefining the status quo and challenging deeply held views about how the world works. They know that they can’t get ahead if they simply follow what others are doing. Data and experience speak out.

Personal Note:

I think what’s always important is not to be contrarian for its own sake but to really get at the truth.

Peter Thiel

  • A native of Istanbul, Turkey, Ozan grew up in a family of no English speakers. He learned English as a second language and moved to the United States by himself at 17 to attend Cornell University and major in planetary science, his childhood dream.
  • While there, he served on the operations team for the 2003 Mars Exploration Rovers project that sent two rovers–Spirit and Opportunity–to Mars. He built stuff that went to the red planet and wrote code that snaps photos of the Martian surface.
  • Then, he walked away from it all and became a law professor to influence others to make interplanetary leaps on this planet. He graduated first in his class from law school, earning the highest grade point average in his law school’s history since the introduction of the 4-point grading scale. Listen up, you will enjoy his razor-sharp mind.
  • You can learn more about his journey in an article about Dr. Varol that was published in TIME.


  • He’s currently a professor at Lewis & Clark Law School in beautiful Portland, Oregon.
  • He has written numerous award-winning articles that are taught in colleges and graduate schools.
  • His academic work has focused on challenging conventional wisdom on constitutional design and democratic revolutions. Society and politics, self-management and constructive boundary management is his current focus.
  • He has been featured in various domestic and foreign media, including BBC, TIME, CNN, Washington Post, Slate, and Foreign Policy.
  • He has advised the U.S. Department of Defense, given lectures at foreign constitutional courts, and presented at businesses, non-profits, and government institutions, including the U.S. Department of State.


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Until next time, thanks Ozan for joining us again here at CBJ to review the several complexities of reconsidering outdated beliefs and accepted dogma not based on the reality of data. New telescopes and tools now improve diagnostic, treatment and self-management options. Your remarks help us address the earthly reality of personal change.

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Thanks, Ozan for your encouraging observations on the evolutionary challenges associated with science and society.


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