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137 Copper & Kryptopyrrole Corrupt Brain Function – Walsh

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Copper and Kryptopyrrole Details For Treatment Failure – 2

From The CBJ Walsh Molecular Series: 2 of 4 

A common problem in ADHD, behavior disorders, and hormonal depression is a genetic inability to control copper, zinc, manganese, and other trace metals in the body due to improper functioning of the metallothionine protein. These patients are often deficient in trace metals, amino acids, and Vitamin B-6 and overloaded in others. They must avoid supplements and “enriched” foods containing copper..

~ William Walsh

This Copper & Kryptopyrrole Walsh Molecular Series Republished

Dr. Walsh Digs Deeper

Dr. Bill Walsh describes in useful detail during this Episode from one of the three top downloads at CBJ of the CBJ/034 download] that numbers now in the thousands. We think copper and kryptopyrrole imbalances bear repeating for all the new listeners not only because of their documented listening track record here but because they remain so overlooked and so frequently causal in treatment failure globally.

In this Episode he clarifies how easy, cost-effective measurement and correction of unbalanced copper and kryptopyrrole levels caused by, for example, combat stress can significantly add to depression, even psychosis, and fans the flames of substance abuse. Just remember, psych meds don’t touch these underlying measurable biomedical imbalances.

Think: molecular physiology arrives at the street level. Yes, this data is available in the urban landscape of Birdsnest, Virginia on the Eastern Shore.

PTSD, TBI, PMS, and estrogen dominance are all often associated with these biomedical findings – all of these can become amplified, measurable and correctable. Accurate measures must become a part of every future stress-recovery process. If you don’t measure and treat it, it will not respond to psychiatric medications.

Your Homework If You Haven’t Prepared

Copper Overview: 

“Copper-overloaded depressives usually report that serotonin-enhancing antidepressants provide an improvement in moods, but they worsen anxiety. Benzodiazepines such as Klonopin and Xanax can be effective in reducing anxiety but are reported to have little effect on depression for this biotype. High-copper females are usually intolerant of birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy since these treatments increase copper levels in the blood. “

Consider chronic fatigue , terrible PMS with PMDD, and pervasive irritation with profound anxiety down to the marrow of your bones. copper, kryptopyrrole, dr william walsh, corepsych, corepsych tests

Walsh Kryptopyrrole Overview:

“Pyrrole disorder typically involves high anxiety, poor behavioral control, a reading disorder, impaired immune function, and other troubling symptoms. We observe severe pyrrole levels in persons diagnosed with violent behaviors, depression, schizophrenia, and other serious mental disorders.

A significant number of undermethylated depression patients exhibit some degree of pyrrole disorder. Many persons with this combination of imbalances show high accomplishment throughout life, but report extreme internal anxiety and poor stress control along with depression. Since both undermethylation and pyrrole disorder present often with low serotonin activity, depression is usually more severe in these cases. Our database studies indicate persons with this hybrid condition are more likely to report suicidal thoughts compared to individuals with any other form of depression.”

About Dr. Walsh        

William J. Walsh, Ph.D., FACN, president of the non-profit Walsh Research Institute, is an internationally recognized expert in the field of nutritional medicine and a key scientist paving the way for nutrient-based psychiatry and nutritional medicine. Over the past 30 years, Dr. Walsh has developed biochemical treatments for patients diagnosed with behavioral disorders, attention deficit (hyperactivity) disorder, autism, clinical depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, and Alzheimer’s disease that are used by doctors throughout the world.

His book, Nutrient Power: Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain, describes specific findings for his evidence-based nutrient therapy system.

Dr. Walsh’s noted accomplishments include:

  1. groundbreaking studies reporting reduced violent behavior following nutrient therapy,
  2. the 1999 discovery of undermethylation and copper/zinc imbalances in autism,
  3. the 2000 finding of metallothionein protein depletion in autism,
  4. the 2007 published study linking copper overload and post-partum depression,
  5. the identification of five biochemical subtypes of clinical depression,
  6. the 2011 development of the Walsh Theory of Schizophrenia , and
  7. the direction of the Beethoven Research Project that revealed that the composer suffered from severe lead poisoning.

His internationally acclaimed presentations from Japan to Australia and Scandinavia, including a warm reception at the American Psychiatric Association, affirm his outstanding contributions to both functional and traditional medical groups.

methylation, kryptopyrrole, copper, bipolar, schizophrenia, anxiety,

Parker and Walsh at our first meeting: ACAM 2013

Clinical Experience

After earning degrees from Notre Dame and the University of Michigan, Dr. Walsh received a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Iowa State University. While working at Argonne National Laboratory in the 1970s, Dr. Walsh organized a prison volunteer program that led to studies of prisoners and ex-offenders researching the causes of their violent behavior.

The collaboration with renowned (late) Carl C. Pfeiffer, MD, Ph.D., a pioneer in the field of nutritional research therapy, led Dr. Walsh to the development of individualized nutrient protocols to normalize body chemistry and brain chemistry. Dr. Walsh went on to study more than 30,000 patients with mental disorders acquiring a unique database of more than 3 million chemical assays during his clinical and research work.

N.B. Dr. Walsh has conducted chemical analysis of more than 25 serial killers and mass murderers, including Charles Manson, Richard Speck, James Oliver Huberty, Patrick Sherrill and Arthur Shawcross. He has assisted medical examiners, coroners, Scotland Yard, and the FBI in these forensics studies. He has designed nutritional programs for Olympic athletes, NBA players, major league baseball players, a heavyweight boxing champion, PGA and LPGA golfers, and others. You don’t have to be a mass murderer to have an imbalance of brain chemistry.

Repeated Irrational Behaviors: You don’t have to be a mass murderer to benefit from these improved data points. Our common clinical indication: repeated failure with multiple hospitalizations and a shotgun array of atypical antipsychotics for “Bipolar Disorder.”

Start With This Important Methylation Finding:

Methylation is a biochemical process of extraordinary importance in human functioning. It may be defined as the addition of a methyl group (CH3) to an atom or molecule. Methyl groups participate in dozens of chemical reactions in the body and brain that are essential to physical and mental health. In addition, methylation status is a major factor in a person’s personality and traits. For example, undermethylation is associated with perfectionism, strong will, high accomplishment, OCD tendencies, and seasonal allergies. Typical features of overmethylation include excellent socialization skills, many friendships, non-competitiveness, artistic or musical interests, chemical and food sensitivities, and a tendency for high anxiety.

Get on Dr. Walsh’s Book Drawing below – it’s closed in two weeks.    nutrient, copper, kryptopyrrole, dr william walsh


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Dr. Walsh’s Book & References:

  1. Walsh, Dr. William J. (Updated 2014-05-06). Nutrient Power: Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain (p. 184). Skyhorse Publishing – essential. This first link is in paperback & hardcover. Sales here contribute to Dr. Walsh’s Nonprofit Research Group. This link is on Global Amazon for Kindle & Audible.
  2. Walsh Training For Professionals: – Oct. 15-18, ’16 Oak Park, IL, I’ll be there.
  3. Multiple Walsh References and Downloads
  4. Epigenetics
  5. Advanced Nutrient Therapies For Mental Disorders – Walsh PowerPoint PDF – Nov. 2015
  6. Kryptopyrrole – Stress and Neurotransmitter Dysregulation – Diagrams at Nutrient Power Blog
  7. Copper Details at CorePsych
  8. 10 Foods Highest in Copper
  9. Direct Health Access Labs – Recommended Testing Resource
  10. Recommended: See my Walsh Playlist on YouTube:

Nutrient Therapy Response Times: 

– Will not show distinct responses as fast as medicines, but are often more powerful and enduring. These aren’t absolute, but provide guidelines and some hope:

> Pyrrole Disorder: 1 week

> OverMethylation: 20 days

> Copper Excess: 1 month

> UnderMethylation: 1-3 months or longer

> Malabsorption: 2-3 months


CorePsych Videos And Additional Cu/Kp Postings – The Walsh Process


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Nutrient Power Heal Your Biochemistry and Heal Your Brain

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A Professional Considering Walsh Training? Details – Oct. 14-18


For An Easy 4 Page PDF Summary of Walsh Findings

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