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132 Wellness & Hypnotherapy – Practice & Training – Rose

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From Professional Learning Systems to Wellness Street Action

It is easier to change a person’s religion than the way they eat.

~ Margaret Mead

LindaJoy Rose, Ph.D. aka Dr. L J, is an international speaker, therapist, author of 8 books, wellness contributor to Huffington Post and Dr. Mercola’s website and an E-Learning Specialist. Dr. L J is the founder of the Natural Wellness Academy, an online program certifying Health and Life Coaches, Hypnotherapist and Gut Health Specialists in 14 countries.

She’s an outstanding speaker with a compelling, comprehensive perspective that adds interesting next steps to the evolution of neuroscience.

International Experience

As the former Director of International Development of the American Board of Hypnotherapy, she pioneered the training and certification of clinical hypnotherapists in many countries, including Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Mexico. Dr. LJ brings a fresh diversity of comprehensive experience to address ways both patients and therapists can participate in this Galileo Mind Moment.

She Mentors Wellness Professionals

Dr. LJ also works with speakers and entrepreneurs in her Design My Course training programs to build dynamic online courses and platforms to leverage their expertise for their respective clients and students.


Dr. LJ Reports On Her Evolution of Thinking and Practice

  • I train professionals through e-learning regarding wellness & gut health
  • I train through courses at my website:
  • From Jungian psychoanalysis to hypnosis training
  • I developed the Hypnopotential System to deal with childhood trauma
  • And then came down with an autoimmune disorder
  • The benefits of micronutrients and raw foods
  • Micro vs. macronutrients
  • The seeds she recommends
  • Sponsor Notes: The Berry Robinson Center & Direct Health Access Laboratory 
  • Hypnosis for 2 levels: behavior modification & childhood trauma
  • Tony Robbins, NLP and abreaction catharsis
  • Shortcuts: EMDR, EFT
  • On coaching for medical cannabis/marijuana/CBD


Dr. LJ’s Websites

Additional CBJ Interviews: Gut Health & Recovery

Books & References


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