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130 NuBrix Games Connect & Balance Cognitive Function – Bittner

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Developmental NeuroPlay – NuBrix Games & Brain Evolution

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation.

~ Plato

130 Ron Bittner has created a game that brings family and brain injury victims together. His NuBrix game ‘construct’ is based on thirty years of construction experience, but has its motivation and mission to bring people together to more effectively connect for a variety of executive function recovery processes.

He’s a board member of the American Combat Veterans of War who counsels and mentors younger veterans dealing with PTS and stressDuring development of the game, it became evident that the concept captured both cognitive and motor skills and proved a remarkable asset to multiple levels therapy.

For NuBrix Connections Matter

Family members can now feel empowered to help loved ones or friends rebuild their lives for greater potential while also receiving the neurological and stress reducing benefits. Therapeutic staff can use NuBrix to assess in a recreational setting and escalate the level of play by introducing advanced concepts and game design. A promising additional use: family gaming after dinner to develop both parents and children. And team competition can encourage a utilitarian yet a fun level of structure.

Bittner Brief Bio

As a young man, his younger brother Mark suffered a traumatic brain injury and Ron lived for years with his brother in the process of shuttling from facility to facility. Over time, his family soon found interaction was markedly limited with their stricken brother. Few options existed then to interact with Mark to encourage real connections or to rebuild a sense of purpose for him and his siblings. Now Ron’s 90 yr. old father Charles has onset dementia.

Now Ron’s 90 yr. old father Charles has experienced an onset of dementia. As a caregiver to both, it was evident that an interaction plan was needed to help both men become more cognitively and physically engaging. NuBrix helps solve that connection and rebuilding complexity for both men.

Gemini Games and NuBrix

Ron’s company Gemini Games LLC is a startup which developed a new 3D structure building game called NuBrix. Nubrix involves is a high-touch technology directed toward organic intervention for multiple neuro disorder challenges. This new mind-game concept works for many cognitive challenges as noted on this page at NuBrix Games.

NuBrix Children Applications

This new concept of hands-on play has witness energizing success in schools, boys and girls clubs, and after school programs. As an intervention activity, it has been used in PTSD, TBI, Alzheimer’s and Acquired Brain Injury programs as well as the mentally challenged community at any age.

During development of NuBrix, it became evident that this game concept captured both cognitive and motor skills and became an indispensable support for ongoing therapy. NuBrix addresses three basic concepts for the brain to identify – shapes, color, and numbers, and it’s fun!

ADHD – Executive Function

Family members can now feel empowered to help loved ones or friends rebuild their lives for greater potential while also receiving the neuro and stress reducing benefits. Therapeutic staff can use NuBrix to assess in a recreational setting and escalate the level of play by introducing advanced concepts and game design.

The NuBrix Games – Executive Function Effect

The NuBrix concepts allow family and friends to pace loved ones by introducing simple task repetition and recognition of basic shape, color, and math cognition effort. Use NuBrix as a focus tool and progress through simple to complex levels. NuBrix was also designed to engage motor skills and provides a real-time spatial orientation environment.

Therapists endorse the use of NuBrix as an assessment tool for professionals and family to measure and manage a variety of challenges for improved cognitive results.


See These Useful NuBrix Game Instructions In PDF 

Download Here


Ron Bittner Reports On The Process of NuBrix – NeuroPlay

  • My 15 yo brother was in a coma suffering from encephalitis
  • In 2009-10 I took my game to the VA to work with spinal cord injury
  • Some who weren’t talking simply shook hands and started talking
  • Even those with lower extremity paralysis can improve
  • Different groups experience surprising improvements – The God Moment
  • Example of a troubled woman with cerebral palsy
  • Sponsor Notes: The Berry Robinson Center & Direct Health Access Laboratory 
  • The NuBrix Game and how it’s played keys and slots
  • Think of our Service Members coming back to their wife and kids
  • Bringing the family together is our most important NuBrix mission
  • An added value – group play, tournaments


2 Video How-To Playlist 5:47min


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