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108 Affirmative Mind Power – Redefine Yourself – Campbell

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Affirmative Mind Power | Redefine Yourself

Steven Campbell, Rohnert Park, CA, MSIS , Author of Making Your Mind Magnificent – Flourishing at Any Age, has been exploring and teaching the discoveries of positive cognitive psychology for affirmative mind practice in various universities and colleges for over 25 years. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Zoology, and a Masters in Information Systems from the University of San Francisco. Steven now conducts seminars on the discoveries cognitive psychology has made about understanding how we think …and how we can change what we think about ourselves, our relationships, and the world.   Magnificent mind, cognitive training, reframing perceptions.

Affirmative Mind Seminars

Another key point is that Steven now conducts seminars on the discoveries about how affirmative mind activities and cognitive psychology have made about how we think. And, more importantly, how we can explicitly improve what and how we think about ourselves, our relationships, and the world. Steven is also the radio host of Your Amazing Mind on KOWS in Sonoma County. Tune in to hear how he connects Stoic philosophy with modern neuroscience.

Ed Note: You will quickly see how this interview with Steven proved most interesting, and I strongly recommend learning from Steven’s affirmative mind training and experiences. His views do match those of the Stoic philosophers and help with everyday problem resolutions on Main Street.

Use Your Affirmative Mind to Redefine Who You Are

  • If you think about it, we overgeneralize. Just because something happened in the past hardly proves that it must continue into the present. The seduction of the negative imperative.
  • In addition, we cease to look for alternatives. By allowing ourselves to remain locked to our past, we forget there are other solutions out there. The reframing process.
  • Another challenge is that behaviors in the past, which may have been healthy at one time, may become decidedly unhealthy today. What you did in the past does not often work in the present! Time brings a different reality.
  • Transference effects are real. This simply means that we transfer our feelings about people or things in our past life to people and things in our present. We rebel against our boss today because he or she reminds you of our parents’ high-handed order of forty years ago. Essential point: relationship patterns will continue to repeat unless they are effectively corrected.


Campbell Reports: Affirmative Mind Solutions Here at CBJ/108

  • I’m a retired professor with a passion for how we think 
  • Your brain is believing everything you tell it
  • My brain began to rewire itself – neuroplasticity
  • Our feelings come from our beliefs 
  • Synaptic brain connections: 100 billion to the power of 10,000 
  • Cognitive psychology based on Ellis is a clinical application tool
  • All of my personal goals now exist in the present tense
  • What I do is change how people see themselves 
  • Self image is learned through self-talk
  • Addiction: it all comes down to the way we think 


Steve Provides a Bonus Book Drawing – Closes May 3, ’17

Making Your Mind Magnificent

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What an interesting discussion this is – and with such a profound and timely global significance. Special thanks, Steve for this interesting and utilitarian, actionable interview, I look forward to our next conversations.


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  2. Eric on 04/21/2017 at 4:05 PM

    It was put this way in a surprise best-seller: “Paradigms power perceptions, and perceptions power emotions.” I don’t think there’s ever been a time when the ‘doors of perception’ needed to be cleansed more – but it’s amazingly hard to shed those paradigms/beliefs that actually cripple us. Thanks so much for this podcast!

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