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097 Biofilm Candida & Brain Fog – Fresco

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Biofilm and Candida Create Treatment Failure

Dr. Rachel Fresco, L. Ac. Ph. D. is the founder and chief formulator for Bio-Botanical Research. In 1989 Dr. Fresco began looking for ways to improve GI health and address systemic infections. One of the results of this research is her development of Biocidin®, a broad spectrum botanical formulation. This formula is recognized by many major diagnostic labs, clinicians, and authors as one of the most useful products for addressing difficult and resistant biofilm-relevant clinical presentations, such as candidaWomen know candida as that vaginal yeast infection, and knowledgeable practitioners know it as the overlooked fungus that creates brain fog, depression, exhaustion, and “ADHD.”

Dr. Fresco presents lectures internationally at medical conferences and shares her research on the topics of biofilms, the link between GI dysbiosis and systemic inflammation, and the use of plant-based medicines in clinical practice. Her remarks on the clinical challenges with biofilm will change your perspective on several clinical mysteries.

Ed Note: Biocidin isn’t the only candida product out there. However, many who dig deeper for clinical answers for treatment failure repeatedly praise it – for the reasons we discuss in this CBJ/097 interview.

My Favorite Clinical Question: #2

If you follow our discussions with guests here at CBJ you’ve heard me address this issue repeatedly – “How many times a day do you go #2?” No, I’m not trying to become a gastroenterologist. My end target is the mind, not the gut. Sorry to sound so defensive, but I can assure you there is a reason – many reasons – as other territorial docs don’t consider the significance of these medically relevant connections – and, in fact, deride them.

It is necessary to remind folks: I’m a brain function professional looking for answers that cripple brain function, feelings and thinking. Cognition and affect just don’t work right with destructive #2 problems– brain functions do become unpredictable in spite of psychotherapy and meds. And, even more importantly, medication treatments become almost impossible when bowel and downstream liver compromises pollute the traditional psychiatric medical care process. Meds must first pass through the body to arrive in the brain.

Candida and its protective biofilm change gut function, contribute to malabsorption and directly affect brain function.

Biofilm Downstream From Candida Creates Treatment Failure

Candida is one of the most prominent challenges that traditional medical folk think is quackery. They believe that it’s quackery for one simple reason: they limit their targets to only bowel function, life-and-death acuity, not chronic brain function associated with psychiatric treatment failure.

The FDA assures us that candida laboratory testing is valid, so what’s the point with the candida naysayers? Lack of experience and denial of hard data based on inside gossip creates a limited view of these pervasive, coalescent mind problems. To overlook the cognitive problems of candida and associated biofilm is both short-sighted and small-minded. This, my friends, is a classic recurring case of acuity focus and denial of chronicity. 

This fascinating interview with Dr. Fresco added many additional helpful perspectives for anyone trying to understand what to do about refractory mind illnesses and GI disturbances that present as untreatable – even those identified and treated with conventional medical interventions for candida, such as nystatin. Candida biofilm, formed by quorum sensing between the candida organisms , fends off that treatment, and, take it from me, candida does reoccur if biofilm is overlooked. Or, more precisely, it’s simply not adequately eradicated and persists for years.

Data Demonstrates:

IgG antibodies to Candida may be due to past infections and therefore may not indicate a current infection. However, Candida antibodies may trigger autoimmune disease. Candida antibodies react with virtually all human organs, including the brain.

In one study, individuals with pituitary malfunction had Candida antibodies that also reacted to a human pituitary protein. Candida antibodies are elevated in Crohn’s disease, cystic fibrosis, and cancer. Individuals with cancer and elevated IgG antibodies to Candida died on average one year sooner than individuals with the same type of cancer and normal amounts of IgG antibodies to Candida.

A wide range of disorders has been linked to Candida including depression, chronic fatigue, thyroid disorders, autism, multiple sclerosis, vulvodynia. Use of antibiotics, oral contraceptives, chemotherapy, and anti-inflammatory steroids greatly increase susceptibility to Candida. Overgrowth of Candida may also cause a rise in cases of food allergies, as we see demonstrated every day in our offices.

Practitioners Often Recommended Biocidin For:

Biofilm and Candida Detailed at CBJ/097

  • I had a class 4 cervical cancer at 19 yo – responded to acupuncture
  • Varieties of yeast, bacterial and parasitic infections responded to herbs 
  • How I put the Biocidin formula together 
  • Herbal Medicine and PubMed
  • Biofilm issues create treatment failure 
  • Quorum sensing and biofilm
  • ‘Normal’ candida can become unbalanced
  • Example: Interstitial cystitis and Biocidin 
  • Examples: Lyme Disease and PANDAS 
  • The advantage of the LSF-liposomal formula
  • Children & Biocidin yeast, parasites, colds
  • The difference: Herxhiemer reaction or allergy to Biocidin?

CBJ Experts on Candida


Dr. Fresco’s Download In PDF 

The Gut Connection


Quorum Sensing and Biofilm – Bonnie Bassler – 18:11 min


Dr. Fresco’s Website & References:


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