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095 Trauma Resilience and Recovery – Powers

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 Trauma, Resilience, And Recovery

Dr. Monica Powers – is a California native and resilience expert who recently relocated to Orange County to continue her work with Sovereign Health. Monica is the Director of Clinical Development and Training and is responsible for many aspects of the clinical programming across all Sovereign Health locations.

Monica earned her doctorate at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where she focused her interests on the survivors of natural disasters and investigated then wrote about Hurricane Katrina survivors. She also works in a private practice on weekends, where she collaborates with a variety of patients in personal psychotherapy.

Resilience Reconsidered As An Essential Recovery Variable

Her report during this Episode at CBJ/095 addresses:

  • how and why resilience is an important aspect of survival from trauma
  • the differences between victims and survivors
  • the connection between resilience and brain function
  • how she teaches resilience to trauma survivors
  • the developmental origins of resilience in childhood


Dr. Monica Powers: Rethinking Resilience and Trauma Recovery CBJ/095

  • I initially became interested in trauma for my doctoral thesis
  • An example of a person who lived through the trauma of Katrina 
  • Secondary trauma: therapists, first responders, and family
  • Resilience origins: from learned to a deeper bio-ecological process
  • Community & Cultural resilience: Katrina, the Dust Bowl, Oklahoma
  • Survivors differentiated from victims 
  • Therapy to encourage more resilience
  • Jocko Willink on the CBJ/vets page – video on “Good”
  • The Victim Syndrome
  • Moving through, instead of around, trauma and loss  


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