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063 Neuromodulated Sound Dr George Lindenfeld

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Neuromodulated Sound – Sound Modification And Brain Balance 

After 45-years of clinical practice, I have focused in exclusively on the use of a binaural sound to alter memory restoration (reconsolidation) of traumatic memory. With well over 100 patients experiencing this procedure & remaining in remission, I have decided that my mission is to share this knowledge with those who continue to suffer from the effects of trauma..

~ George Lindenfeld

Who is Dr. George Lindenfeld?

George Lindenfeld, Ph.D. is a pioneer in the field of healing trauma. A licensed psychologist and diplomate in clinical psychology, American Board of Professional Psychology, Dr. Lindenfeld has been practicing for 45 years, his work including specializing in the treatment of traumatic life experiences including PTSD. He served as Executive Director of two Mental Health Centers, a university faculty member, and is a published expert in his field. Currently, he is researching and utilizing technology with a potentially far-reaching impact on the healing of trauma and other neuroinflammatory conditions.

What is Neuromodulated Sound?

Neuromodulation, defined by the International Neuromodulation Society as “the alteration of nerve activity through the delivery of electrical stimulation or chemical agents to targeted sites of the body,” is carried out to normalize – or modulate – nerve function. Neuromodulation is an evolving therapy that can involve a range of electromagnetic stimuli such as a strong magnetic field (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation). Listen to Dr. Tindler discuss deep transcranial magnetic stimulation – dTMS – here at CBJ/003.

Details On How It Works

Remember as a child (or perhaps even now) when you would stare at a candle, or a campfire, and somehow feel yourself being calm and feeling relaxed and at peace? That is an example of a brainwave entrainment. In fact, this is one of the phenomenon that caused modern brainwave entrainment research; Gerard Oster in 1973 published a paper specifically talking about the “Flicker-response”, which is also what brainwave entrainment is often called.

The four main ways of stimulating the brain are aural stimuli (binaural beats, isochronic tones), visual (light machines, dreamachines), a combination of aural and visual, and electromagnetic radiation, but only the aural and visual ones are popular on the mainstream.

Dr. Lindenfeld Reports Details Here At CBJ/063

  • How I started, my grandfather, his family, PTSD and Auschwitz
  • My mission with Vets, this trauma stuff and the BAUD machine 
  • Trauma and neurologic change, even genetic change 
  • The frequency dials, the various networks and how they know it’s working 
  • You can catch secondary PTSD after dealing with trauma patients day after day 
  • Do you need to establish trust with a patient? I say BS
  • You must meet Dr. Bart Billings who runs the Combat Stress Conference 
  • I need the folks that have the power to make this available to vets 
  • I hit the reset, and then they can use talking therapy to move forward 
  • My next two books 


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Dr. Lindenfeld’s Complimentary Book Drawing

Brain On Fire: A Therapist’s Guide

to Extinguishing the Flames of PTSD


With PDF Download Of First Chapter Of His New Book

The Treatment of PTSD Comorbid Conditions

Both Drawing & Download: Register Here Now


Dr. Lindenfeld’s Website


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