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043 Politics News & Psychology – Post 9-11- Rossi

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Rossi on Politics, People, and Perceptions

Even those that are dismissing anything said about Donald, those who were planning to vote for him, may now be questioning his mental stability because he is just going too far – and he is flip-flopping. He claims climate change is a a liberal hoax, yet for a golf course he is building in another country he sites climate change as the reason the property needs a sea wall. So which is it – a hoax or is it real?

~ Bart Rossi

The World Changed Dramatically After 9-11

Dr. Rossi, The Pundit – Overview

Bart Rossi Ph.D. is a political psychologist and news commentator who provides insights to stories in the news on TV and print. He offers psychological insight to high-profile, newsworthy people in general, and politics in particular. He has appeared on a broad range of television networks, including MSNBC, CBS, and FOX5, local television MY9, PIX 11, and the cable news shows News12: Power and Politics; and the EMMY-winning cable show The Fresh Outlook. He has also appeared on radio shows such as The Wall Street Journal This Morning, the Alan Colmes Show on Fox Radio, the Jake Burkman Show, and WDUN Newstalk 550 in Atlanta, GA.  politics, commentary, news, psychology

Dr. Rossi is a member of the American Psychological Association, the New Jersey Psychological Association, and New Jersey Association for the Advancement of Psychology (former chairperson), who has appeared in print for the New York Daily News, U.S.A. Today, U.S. Daily review, SOCIAL Magazine, and the New Jersey State League of Municipalities Magazine.

This CBJ Episode

How shock and trauma now influence the electorate after 9-11.

About Dr. Rossi       

Dr. Rossi is a Licensed Psychologist and the author of

  1. The New-New American Life Style: Post September 11, 2001, A Psychologist’s Perspective, Dec 2003
  2. The Effect of Word Anagrams High and Low in Association Value on Solution Times, The Journal of General Psychology, 1976, 94, 125-128
  3. Mediation Effects in Originality, Creativity, and Letter Frequency Hierarchy, Psychological Reports, 1975, 37

Dr. Rossi’s Video Commentary

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