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021 Cathy Smith – Client Self Discovery

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Cathy Reports On Self Discovery And New Directions

Over every mountain there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley.

– Theodore Roethke

Coaching For The Self Discovery Process – Street Reports

This Episode is our first CBJ interview with a coaching client. Cathy worked with a previous Interview Guest, Coach Peggy Sealfon – – and talks about her recovery from the client’s perceptions, the street side, the recipient side, of that coaching equation. Cathy was lost, and coaching helped her find herself. Her activity of change sealed the considerable progress she’s made.

Coaching And Reality – The Biggest Problem: Facing Changing Reality

In any recovery process your personal reality changes. Most often recovery evolves moving forward from disappointing, outdated expectations, your limited view of how you thought the world was supposed to work with you or for you. That disappointment is hard, but not as hard as entering your new reality of: what you must do next – you next responsibilities for advanced self management.

Just think of the Charles Dickens novel – Great Expectations. Everyone there lived in a variety of dreams that eventually ended, and forced each person to cope with the reality of their most meaningful, most significant relationships. Today we’re obviously not living in Victorian England. But Dickensian rules still apply today: if you don’t improve/widen your perceptions regarding reality, and, as a consequence, your relationships don’t change, then you will become, will remain, angry, depressed and broken. You could remain broken and stuck in outdated dreams for a lifetime.

Remember This

It’s not your actual, your real self that’s broken, it’s your expectations that became so real you internally locked them down as frozen in time, necessary for your survival – as if they were concrete reality. In any recovery, from relationships to drugs and alcohol, it’s the relationship misperceptions, the Great Relationship Expectations that create the most painful life experiences.

Reality is always changing. Effective Executive Function, workable working memory, synchronizes with change – rather than fighting it. Two important quotes from the beginnings of recorded history on time, nature, and change:

There is nothing permanent except change.

You cannot step into the same river twice.

~ Heraclitus 500 BC

Listen as Cathy tells you about hers….


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