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014 Pallavi Kumar – Nutrition & Detox Evolve

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Nutrition & Detoxing: Choices Matter

Creating a strong foundation of nutritional awareness and practice early in childhood will avoid multiple health challenges later in life.

– Pallavi Kumar

Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners.

– William Shakespeare

Nutrition and Mind: The most common misperception in psychiatric treatment failure: mind preoccupation – body denial.

Pallavi makes this essential nutrition point in several ways. Failure to address somatic, body imbalances creates unpredictable treatment and life outcomes.

Organic and toxin free – matters

Overlooking the necessity for quality mind and body fueling creates arrested development and negative and hastened entropic change that not only abbreviates lifetimes, but corrupts effective brain function. The oft repeated metaphor for that pandemic oversight: “It’s like trying to run your gasoline car on diesel fuel.”

I’ve reported on multiple measurable biomedical vagaries now for 10 years at I first recognized brain changes secondary to gluten sensitivity in 20o4 whilst working with Dr. Amen in his Reston/DC office, as Chief Psychiatrist there from ’03-’07. It took me about a year matching many careful clinical histories with brain images of hypoperfusion , to realize that many of those images derived from immunity matters – not brain injury. That hypoperfusion looked like brain injury in the SPECT images – but without brain injury in the patient’s history the discovery imperative changed to include brain immunity and molecular physiology.

Quality, food selection, matters. Measurement matters. Details in food intake can spell the difference between recovery success and hard core treatment failure.

Nutritional denial, as you know, is pervasive – and Pallavi is the first of many nutritionally-trained professionals I’ll interview as we travel down this CBJ path together. In this /014 episode she addresses specific considerations for constructing nutritional and detox solutions.

Common sense:

This episode parallels the flight attendant announcement at every take off: first take the oxygen for yourself, then make sure you lean over and snap on the masks for your children. If you’re not thinking more carefully about yourself in the first place, the kids, as you well know, just won’t get it.


TED: Nutritional Implications For Epigenetic Change – 16:49 min


Pallavi’s Message In Three Sentences:

First raise nutritional consciousness in your family by correct, healthy, organic food selection. Always start early with children. Consider nutrition in any thoughtful recovery program.

Pallavi’s Connections:



Personal Ed Note:

I’ve recommended healthy nutritional patterns, especially protein breakfasts for many years. My wife and I started Organic Gardening in 1970 with my good friend down the street, Elmer Althouse, who was born in 1900, so we always knew how old he was. His essential, red pickup truck coupled with a mutual deep affection for horse manure, bee keeping and organic gardening made us fast friends during my many years of psychiatric training in Philadelphia. Both of us lived then, as we used to say, in the slums of Gladwyne . My favorite book at that time: Ruth Stout The No Work Garden MethodMy two favorite magazines for years: Organic Gardening and Farming and Mother Earth News .


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