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008 Heidi Siefkas – TBI, PTS, and PTG

brain injury, tbi, ptsd, depression

Brain Injury: TBI, Hospital, Divorce and Termination – She Rebuilds From Within

Endure and persist; this pain will turn to good by and by.

– Ovid

I used my imagination and created a new life.

– Heidi Siefkas

TBI Into PTG: Post Traumatic Growth – The Opposite of Treatment Failure

Each of us is an individual with differing strengths and differing levels of perseverance. In this interview Heidi takes us dramatically from a significant concussion with serious loss of consciousness and hospitalization, through the pain of loosing the two next most important supports in her life: her husband and her international travel career with wonderful perks in faraway places. No, we won’t bearing about the perks or the Riviera, instead Heidi tells us how she made it out of her private hell.

Hint: she changed her injury perspective – sound familiar? Second hint: she structured her change into a Masterplan called PTG – with an emphasis on plan.

Heidi shares her personal TBI and recovery lessons for all of us. As you well know, we all do bounce on the bottom at times. Sometimes we bounce darn hard And with trauma comes an opportunity for constructive change. Hers is a an interesting process-lesson you’ll deeply appreciate along with her good humor, recovery attitude and her new life. She truly walks the walk – way beyond the talk.

Ed Note:

Heidi’s book spells out the details, both the trauma and the recovery, and she has created a new dream job that takes her back on a different kind of journey. Now she creates recovery experiences for others to construct their own new directions.

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Her Message In A Sentence:

You can look at trauma as a negative, or an opportunity to change your perspective.

Heidi, of course, sees her challenges as learning experiences, and doesn’t call her problem PTSD – but rather, PTGPost Traumatic Growth. Life is best lived in the active, the doing mode. You can’t climb out of the well if you don’t stand up and change your personal reality.

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PTG References

  • Excellent articles and multiple additional resources, including a download PDF: Post Traumatic Growth Inventory at Post Traumatic Growth here.


TBI, PTSD, PTS, PTG, Trauma, recovery

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  1. Heidi Siefkas on 05/05/2016 at 7:42 AM

    Thank you for our candid talk. It was a pleasure to share my story of Post-Traumatic Growth with you and your audience. I hope it inspires others to conquer fears, head for adventure, and embark on a Life 2.0. Here’s to looking up!

    • Dr Charles Parker on 05/08/2016 at 5:35 AM

      Our collective serious thanks goes back to you for your candid, personal review of your several tragedies, and your redefinition of your life following. “Inspirational” doesn’t cover your candor or your courage. Thanks for sharing your life, and PTG, Post Traumatic Growth, with us. I look forward to talking again one day to catch up on your next steps down the road.

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