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immunity, PANS, PANDAS, Autoimmune Encephalitis

Understand Pervasive Brain Challenges With Immunity Insults

Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look there.
~ Marcus Aurelius

What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.
~ Werner Heisenberg


As Time Passes, New Perspectives Matter Even More

Immunity issues go deep – down to the bones, the blood-brain barrier, the cytokines, and those T cells. You can’t get there on the old routes. New immunity territories require new maps and a renewed resolve to search for more subtle answers. Our method of mind-questioning must change.

Throughout many excellent interviews with our delightfully experienced and engaging CBJ guests, we repeatedly witness the value of actionable, do-it-yourself recovery practices to help refocus and prepare your mind for the changes you will experience in your lifetime. This Immunity page provides access to consider profound and useful immunity remappings for your journeys to come.

Editor’s Note:

For the ~ 50 years that I’ve practiced psychiatry, I’ve often averaged ~ 1000 new psychiatric evaluations each year, a learning process with a lifetime of frustration – until I began to recognize and treat the immunity/inflammatory issues discussed on this page. Those experiences are amplified by the experience of following those patients over the years with the objective assessments of, most importantly, what doesn’t work when you think it should.

Immunity is by far the most overlooked causal factor in both acute and chronic mind imbalances with the most refractory/treatment-resistant clinical presentations. Read: Treatment failure.

Neurotransmitter adjustments don’t modify those other communication systems like cytokines and hormones. And remember, the brain reacts to every unbalanced system, in fact, can guide us to new lands if only we listen with new ears.

If you aren’t certain about Immunity as an emotional/cognitive issue with mind and gut connections see this excellent article found with very useful diagrams at The Neurohacker Collective on Gut, & How The Microbiome Connects with the Immune system: 

Connect With The Microbiome

The Evolving State of the Art

The hyperbolic, acuity, label-folk think they’re different, as they are on the front lines, facing life and death, however, the lines have changed. As you well know, chronicity, subtlety, and nuance do also dramatically kill, often in less obvious, therefore less predictable,  torturous ways. Take a moment to remember Pasteur, his discovery of those unseen bacteria, and of his work more than 100 years ago in modern medical care.

As I’ve often reported elsewhere, we live today in a Galileo Mind-Moment with new technologies, new tools, further evidence that too often remains dismissed outright by those who don’t want to think on larger questions, more opaque, diaphanous origins.

Yes, a label is so much easier, and it doesn’t move around in place or time. Function, the essence of evolved/evolving humanity and evolved, effective self-management, often remains unexamined in the most critical science for that evolution – brain function – our synchronized timing for effective management of changing reality.

Photo by Jack Ebnet on Unsplash

Administrative Note For Immunity:

Unlike other pages set here at CBJ for theme-review, this Immunity page Starts with an interview and book that I strongly recommend as a starting point for any brain immunity, further biomedical inquiries. Brain Under Attack uses PANS – Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome – and PANDAS – Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections – and several other immunity-related disorders to clearly explain, with excellent references, the relevance of the BBB Blood-Brain Barrier with these immunity and autoimmunity challenges – and is also associated with other brain injuries with measurable outcomes such as TBI, CTE, Electromagnetic Field Radiation, PTSD, Under and Overmethylation, Copper and Kryptopyrrole Imbalances.

I strongly recommend you first listen to Maria Rickert-Hong at CBJ/292 and do then read her Brain Under Attack in preparation for looking to the other compelling Guests on this Immunity page. Rickert-Hong’s Blood-Brain Barrier insights will help prepare you for your next steps in recovery and prevention for a deeper medical understanding of multiple clinical brain problems from depression and anxiety, to ADHD and autism. Now measured details matter more than ever before.

To support Maria’s work read Brain on Fire, by Susannah Cahalan: NYT: – her personal report on madness and autoimmunity: At Amazon, book:

Improved target recognition, with new tools, changes the rules of the mind-treatment game.


A total of 25 Episodes For More Predictable Immunity Insights On Treatment Failure

292 PANS, PANDAS and Autoimmune Encephalitis – et al. – This interesting interview, the book Brain Under Attack and below with her colleague Capanna-Hodge on these several conditions treated with neurofeedback set the stages for understanding, cause, effect, and solution strategies. Brain inflammation is a serious contribution to most of the interviews for Vets on this page:


005 – Gluten Variants and Markers – – Dr. Osborne is one of the world’s leading medical authorities on gluten and food sensitivities as they relate to aberrant brain function. In this early episode, we connect brain and body immunity challenges for everyday recovery. I’ve followed Peter’s work for years and know you will appreciate his straightforward, well-documented insights.

007 – Biomedical Markers Change The Game – – Dr. Robert Hedaya is a senior lecturer in psychiatry at George Washington University and a highly esteemed friend from years ago while speaking on the road up in DC. As a thought leader and author with the Institute of Functional Medicine Bob sets an urgent tone for the values for new testing tools to improve mind-care.

025 – Methylation, Copper/Kryptopyrrole, Schizophrenia/Bipolar, Autism – – Dr. William Walsh is a remarkably humble yet surpassingly deep molecular and cellular physiologist who in the four special interviews at CBJ/115 details the downstream effects of epigenetic changes associated with inflammatory changes noted by these various treatable markers.

028 Mast Cell Activation Syndrome – – Dr. Lawrence Afrin is one of the world’s leading authorities on this frequently overlooked serious brain and biomedical condition that lives directly downstream from underlying immunity challenges. He may go over your head to start, as he did with me, but don’t let that keep you away from his essential contribution. See more on Mast Cells at the microbiome link above.

048 Chronic Pain Recovery – – Twogood – Suffice it to say that chronic pain always marks an underlying inflammatory process with brain challenges. In this episode, specific natural anti-inflammatory interventions offer different ways to resolve chronic presentations.

061 Autoimmunity – – O’Bryan – Dr. Tom O’Bryan is a special guest for this one hour review of the specific targets for this page on Immunity. Tom teaches medical professionals and the public as a Host for a variety of important summits on Autoimmune challenges. His strongest presentation characteristics: clarity and documentation.

072 Sensory Processing Disorder – – In this first, impressive meeting with Maria it quickly became clear that she was quite as focused on Immunity as I have been for years, and she does a great job of connecting those causal connections with renewed, more hopeful outcomes for this frequently misunderstood spectrum of conditions. When she told me about her new book, I immediately invited her back for CBJ/292.

083 Inoculation and Vaccines As Causal With Autism – – Heckenlively – Here an informed lawyer breaks down the CDC evidence that specific insults, as documented in Brain Under Attack, can and do contribute to autistic symptoms. The intrusion of odd bugs and vaccine messengers can directly affect brain function through altered brain physiology at the BBB. This well-documented fact remains indisputable.

097 Biofilms and Candida – Brain Function – – Fresco – Dr. Rachel Fresco leads the group for Bio-Botanical Research on how specific supplements can penetrate mucopolysaccharide biofilm and kill the Candida bugs that directly affect brain function through immunity/inflammatory challenges and often remain impervious to antifungal treatments.

103 Toxic Solutions – Brain Changes – – Dr. Joe Pizzorno has written a significant book on the relationships between toxins and brain function – all completely relevant for those refractory children and adults with exposures, even low-grade exposures, to toxic elements that can modify brain function. Dr. Pizzorno’s information is downright scary.

125 GPL Tox – Measuring Poisons In Laboratory – Shaw – Dr. William Shaw, the Director of the globally effective Great Plains Laboratory, discusses in detail the utility of clear measures and specific treatment for these brain dysregulations. Dr. Shaw is, quite simply, a serious game changer. Almost single-handedly he set out and accomplished a dramatically improved international awareness regarding many of the subjects included on this Immunity page.

134 Glyphosate In Food – Brain Malady, Autism, Cancer – – Dr. Stephanie Seneff at MIT is a world authority on Glyphosate, immunity and brain function. In this episode, she details the relevance of this toxic challenge for all of us, from kids to aging adults. Glyphosate is a serious brain changer with lifetime effects and a profound dance of denial in the agribusiness community.

140 Autism and Testing – – Dr. Kurt Woeller is a leading internationally acclaimed autism expert with years of direct experience with the values of accurate testing and targeted treatment strategies based on that testing. From Candida to toxins he regularly hosts summits to keep both public and professionals up to date on evolving neuroscience discoveries.

143 Immunity and Negativity – – Elicia Miller documents the relationship with stress, negativity, and, without directly saying it, the relation to immunity and the BBB as noted above. The list of references on this page is helpful and underscores how these challenges desynchronize brain function.

149 Gut Health Mind Health – – Brittany discusses how these troubled biomedical relationships almost always create treatment impediments – and if they go unrecognized the targets are overlooked and perpetuated.

155 Mind Measures – PH Changes Brain Function– – Jaffee – Dr. Russell Jaffee addresses a variety of brain challenges including ph, toxins; immunity issues measured more explicitly than IgG directly limits brain function. As an MD, & Ph.D., Dr. Jaffee, formerly with the NIH, is a published expert on why we must use more precise measurement tools.

161 Electromagnetic Field Radiation and Brain Function – – Daniel is a recognized expert in EMF radiation and these insults, again, are directly addressed in the Brain Under Attack book by Rickert-Hong – with references.

171 Brain Injury, Omega 3 and CBD Oil Improve Recovery – – Dr. Michael Lewis has served as a medical officer at the front in the Middle East, works with many vets with brain injury, and brings a different perspective to recovery with high does O3FA and CBD Oils. The evidence is in, the physiology is understood, options improve.

175 Restore – New Options for Gut-Brain Recovery – – Dr. Zach Bush is triple board-certified and an insightful speaker on the relevance of leaky gut, peptide challenges, cytokines, and immunity dysregulation as it directly affects brain function. You absolutely must listen to his useful, articulate explanations of these relationships – I’ve seen Restore work dramatic changes in my office and strongly endorse his work.

190 Mycotoxins and Mold Create Brain Imbalances – Dr. Matt Pratt-Hyatt is the leader of the Great Plains Laboratory Divison on Mold and Mycotoxins and does a great job of breaking down this important contribution to a variety of brain conditions as documented by Rickert- Hong as well. Excellent discussion.

192 Mycotoxins and Mold With An Autism Expert – – Woeller – Dr. Kurt Woeller is back from CBJ/140 to discuss the relevance of brain function for ASD – Autism Spectrum Children, intoxications that I have repeatedly seen in the office for years with adults. Dr. Shoemaker reference: Surviving Mold.

240 Glyphosate Agribusiness & The Poisoned Mind – – Carey is a reporter who has researched these glyphosate issues in detail, has written a book on the challenges for all of us, and shares here what she now knows as contributory to brain dysregulation based upon immunity issues.

246 LRA- Immunity Testing by Perque Labs – – Dr. Russell Jaffe is back to tell us the details of improved testing for food sensitivities that is even more accurate than IgG.

290 PTSD Treatments & Nootropics – Brain Restoration – – David Tomen reports on years of research and deep homework after his frozen recovery with PTSD. In this interview, we talk about multiple issues related to PTSD and deteriorated brain physiology. The supplements discussed here, with video documentation links, specifically target brain regrowth and new pathways following trauma.

More detailed video explanations coming soon here relevant for ADHD recovery:

Further References

Read this Autoimmune Protocol Guide to build your Recovery Game Plan:
Read this Autoimmunity Protocol Cookbook for specific recipes:
Read this Autoimmunity Foods List in PDF:
Read this Autoimmunity Foods To Avoid in PDF:
Read this book: The Autoimmune Fix by Dr. Tom O’Bryan:

Self-care Immunity basics:

  • Review this interesting article with references on Turmeric and Inflammation:
  • Avoid alcohol – it will help you get to sleep, but causes interruptions in sleep and poor-quality sleep.
  • Get regular exposure to daylight for at least 20 minutes daily – the light from the sun enters your eyes and triggers your brain to release specific chemicals and hormones like melatonin that are vital to healthy sleep, mood, and aging.
  • Eat no later than three hours before bed – eating a heavy meal prior to bed will lead to a bad night’s sleep.
  • Don’t exercise vigorously after dinner – it excites the body and makes it more difficult to get to sleep
  • Write your worries down – one hour before bed, write down the things that are causing you anxiety and make plans for what you might have to do the next day to reduce your worry. It will free up your mind and energy to move into a deep and restful sleep.
  • Take a hot salt/soda aromatherapy bath – raising your body temperature before bed helps to induce sleep. A hot bath also relaxes your muscles and reduces tension physically and psychically. By adding one-and-a-half to one cup of Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) and one-and-a-half to one cup of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to your bath, you will gain the benefits of magnesium absorbed through your skin and the alkaline-balancing effects of the baking soda, both of which help with sleep.
  • Get a massage or stretch before bed – this helps relax the body making it easier to fall asleep.
  • Warm your middle – this raises your core temperature and helps trigger the proper chemistry for sleep. Either a hot water bottle, heating pad, or warm body can do the trick.
  • Avoid medications that interfere with sleep – these include sedatives (these are used to treat insomnia, but ultimately lead to dependence and disruption of normal sleep rhythms and architecture), antihistamines, stimulants, cold medication, steroids, and headache medication that contains caffeine (such as Fioricet).
  • Use herbal therapies – try passionflower or 320 mg to 480 mg of valerian (Valeriana officinalis) root extract standardized to 0.2 percent valerenic acid one hour before bed.
  • Take 200 to 400 mg of magnesium citrate or glycinate before bed – this relaxes the nervous system and muscles.
  • Other supplements and herbs can be helpful in getting some shuteye – try calcium, theanine (an amino acid from green tea), GABA, 5-HTP, melatonin, and magnolia.
  • Try one to three mg of melatonin at night – melatonin helps stabilize your sleep rhythms.
  • Get a relaxation, meditation, or guided imagery CD – any of these may help you get to sleep.
  • Symptoms of low stomach acid and enzymes include constant heartburn, GERD (the low stomach acid is insufficient to convince the esophagus to close), gas (food starts to ferment in your stomach), bloating, stomach/gut cramps, diarrhea. Alas, the low stomach acid allows nasty critters to proliferate in your gut and there could be gut infections and intestinal parasites complicating the matter. How does digestion become broken? There are many potential causes including proton pump inhibitors, antibiotics that kill off your helpful probiotics, which then allow the opportunistic organisms to take over. Some of these unhelpful organisms will directly damage your gut, destroying your ability to produce acid and enzyme.
  • Other causes include your genetics. For example, high stress or high inflammation (a plethora of medical conditions) tilt the balance in favor of impaired gut function and opportunistic infections. Your gut needs to heal. Collagen is a major protein that’s required to heal the gut. You can find collagen in bone broth or in collagen supplements.

Additional innovative details for improved focus arrive here regularly. Opt-in here below for timely updates from global thought leaders.