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Top Ten Reviews at CBJ After 100 Episodes

My Brain Thanks You!
Thanks for shedding some much needed light on issues of the brain. I recently became interested in the subject when I was listening to NPR do a segment on neuroplasticity. I could never remember the name of the author, but it helped me find this great podcast! B. Keenan Johnston

Flipping Junkie Review
Awesome podcast! I really loved the bipolar episode. Wonderful insight into these issues. Keep up the good work! Danny Johnson -Flipping Junkie

“How I Found Myself” Dean Robert
I just had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Charles Parker’s latest interview with Mr. Dean Roberts on the topic: “How I Found Myself.” The thesis of this remarkable podcast is that the difference between treatment success and failure for conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD and others is often the result of omitting crucial brain, biomedical, and functional neuroscience information and insights. Well done and much-needed. Wish you continuing success! Don Hutcheson

Your shows are always very informative but the last two with Tom O’Brien and David Siever are absolutely revolutionary every doctor in the country should listen to both of them twice a day I cannot overstate how important this information is I am sending links to everyone I care about Thank you! Restlesstaxpayer

Episode 46 – such important work!
I have done quite a bit of work around Post Traumatic Stress, being a Veteran and First Responder myself. This work with music/sound therapy is very interesting and this episode is well worth the listen. This podcast has relevant information we can all benefit from!  Michelle at Inner North Star

Fresh Mind Science
This is a great podcast for anyone interested in learning more about the brain and are looking for solutions. Great for clinicians, coaches, and consumers. Thank you for creating this podcast! ADHD rewired

Truly Meaningful Content
If you have a loved one with bipolar disorder or live with it yourself, do NOT miss that episode! Dr. Parker brings serious science to specific issues in an accessible,  applicable way. Really, really good. No More Obstacles

Stellar podcast!
I’m all about the mind and body connection, it’s time we American’s realize the power of both. There are so many amazing things to do in this world and I love that Dr. Parker is reminding us! Justin D Williams

This helps
My brother-in-law has bipolar and it’s interesting to listen to this and hopefully better understand him. Very helpful! JuneH78

Very smart podcast about the epic mind.
Very smart host with a very smart guest. This is a great show that can be utilized to dive into the inner workings of the mind and get up to date information about the mind. dustspecks”


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