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300 CoreBrain Journal Diversifies – Parker

CoreBrain Journal Change

Diversifying Our CoreBrain Journal Message

Host Commentary: Short take – three serious Upgrades in our CBJ information processing – furthering the mission we’ve worked now for many years.

  1. Change: CoreBrain Journal for the near term to publish once per week as noted below. My plan is to seriously move forward once we get help on board and go back to 2-3x/wk publication.
  2. The CoreBrain Patreon site is open to considering support for our efforts here, please take a look and see what you think:
  4. CoreBrain Academy is under intense construction 
  5. ADHD101 – 55 lessons + coaching: How to measure, target, & treat brain/biomedical realities
  6. The PM Drop – Minicourse: Learn how to use the most common problems to correct treatment activities & comorbid conditions not initially recognized.
  8. Download this PDF for print or email distribution – and/or send out this short link to this PDF on CBA updates:
  9. – And YouTube | CoreBrain has quietly grown and I need additional help with descriptions and SEO over there – now over 300 videos.


CoreBrain Academy Intro


Ed Note: Appropo of my editorial comments on the last CBJ post: I will publish a personal CBJ audio note next Tuesday further explaining my plans, and then for the near future will only publish on Thursdays, once a week thereafter – for the duration of my sabbatical – upon connecting with the community for their wishes in these next steps over the next two months.



This is our new Sponsor Page at Patreon: – for ways to work together. Or simply click on this Patreon Link for more details.

Photo by Lucy Chian on Unsplash


Our CoreBrain Teaching and Service Systems


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In closing, if you have any questions, drop a comment on any posting here at CBJ, and I’ll get back to you. This discerning show of world-class experts is here for you, your families, and your clients – to tighten our collective dialogue for more precise answers.


And finally, don’t forget to subscribe to the show on iTunes to get automatic updates, or if you’re on an Android Device subscribe for timely updates at Google Play. Yes, these extraordinary experts with hundreds of years of combined experience are free.



About our mission, Dr Charles Parker

Our CBJ hosting objective is critical: upgrade mind and brain data through informed dialogue with neuroscience experts to build more predictable, more comprehensive, more understandable solutions for you and your family. Today's technology drives significantly improved mind-prognosis - beyond traditional psychiatric measures. Inaccurate labels, speculation, and guesswork are out - critical thinking, data, and measurement are in. Let's work together to connect advanced biomedical wisdom with everyday street reality. Start today. Advance informed care. Stay consistent. Measure for accuracy. Subscribe here. Pass it on.

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