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197 Mycotoxins Mold Cognition & Brain Function – Sandison

mycotoxins, mycotoxin, mold, brain function, cognition, depression

Mold, Mycotoxins, Brain Function & Treatment Failure

Dr. Heather Sandison is a Naturopathic Physician and the founder and medical director of North County Natural Medicine in Encinitas, California. Dr. Sandison’s focus is on healing and optimizing brain function through understanding previously misunderstood mycotoxins that affect cognition.

Mycotoxins Matter

In this CBJ Episode, she elaborates additional insights through this clinical presentation of Mycotoxins as discussed during our previous CBJ/190 laboratory-measurement interview with Dr. Pratt-Hyatt from Great Plains Laboratory. She works with patients who struggle with anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, insomnia, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia – and fresh, actionable insights to this frequently overlooked treatment failure topic of mycotoxins and mold – and the direct action of mycotoxins on multiple brain functions.

Her Resources

Dr. Sandison clinically applies the work and wisdom of experts in the field including Dr. Bill Walsh , Dr. Dale Bredesen, Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, and Dr. Neil Nathan. She combines these varied approaches to address mental health – all in the context of naturopathic medicine – starting with the certainty that each body is capable of health and healing.

Neurohacker Connection

Dr. Sandison is bright, exceedingly engaging, and works at times with another of our most interesting CBJ Guests at the Neurohacker Collective – Daniel Schmachtenberger.

*Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

Website & Book Recommendations


Additional CBJ Experts Weigh In On Toxins

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Thanks, Dr. Sandison for joining us here at CBJ to review the significant implications of mycotoxins, toxins, and mold as see so frequently in treatment failure.

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