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195 Women in Danger Domestic Abuse at Home – #metoo – Brennan

domestic abuse, domestic violence, spousal abuse

Domestic abuse statistics reveal how #metoo presents at home even more than workplace issues. Listen as this successful client reports on recovery & rebuilding her life.

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  2. A Griffin on 07/21/2018 at 4:16 PM

    Im very happy for her that is free of what sounds like a very toxic relationship with a Narcissist and or a Narcissist Sociopath and suffered from Narcissistic Victims Syndrome. This would explain her returning. Victims of narcissistic abuse suffer trauma bonds which keep them engaged in the relationship. The cycles of abuse are, Idealize (or love bombing), Devaluation (the abuse cycle) and the Discards – but not in her case, she managed to escape.

    She mentioned having a hard time accepting what was happening was real or denial. This is referred to as cognitive dissonance for those in a pathological love relationship where you hold 2 different beliefs about your abuser. (i.e. he’s bad or maybe he’s good, but had a bad day because he’s been nice lately) Cognitive dissonance helps the victim survive the emotional and psychological abuse. These relationships also are full of manipulative behavior, infidelity, financial abuse , pathological lying, and in extreme cases physical and sexual abuse is also endured.

    When in these situations the brain chemicals, oxytocin, dopamine, peptides are actually changing and the victim forms a trauma bond and becomes addicted which keeps them trapped or going back even if they know it’s not healthy and may even feel enormous anger shame and helplessness. I thank her for sharing her story. It gives me hope that one day I will be free from the Complex PTSD, Major Depression and the traumatic bond that still keeps me feeling love for the one that destroyed me as I too am a survivor of a pathological love relationship with Malignant Narcissist. While searching for help I started researching ART due to EMDR not being helpful and that led me to this interview. I thank her for her bravery in sharing her story because it shows there’s still hope.

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