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166 EMDR Provides Researched Options – PTSD, DID – Lobenstine

EMDR, PTSD, trauma

EMDR provides a fresh, documented and researched opportunity to correct minds fragmented by trauma and pain. EMDR is an important tool for those working with the tragedies of life.

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  1. phyl on 11/07/2017 at 11:36 PM

    I have been having so much difficulty trying to listen to Farnsworth Lobenstine. It has been cutting in & out stopping & I’m not technically brite but my adhd brain has been trying to do what is written…hasn’t worked. I even downloaded the itune which you suggest & said was free it didn’t help, says I need a new app & I was scrolling thru iTunes in very small printing there is a clause that after the ‘free trial’ it will automatically continue. No idea if there is a charge no idea what to do… I read their legal disclaimer wow—didn’t make me feel to comfortable, I tried calling apple but they say it needs resolving online in support so again I’m reading trying to follow & uninstall iTunes it was no help at all. I have deleted everything related to the iTunes download & I don’t know where, what to do now. It hasn’t been a pleasant experience at all today, it’s been horrendous. I have really enjoyed reading your corebrain journal & haven’t had any problems before & I haven’t needed to download iTunes. I just felt I needed to let you know how stressing this was today. I don’t have neighbours to ask for help, it’s winter so I’m not driving on the icey roads, I wear hearing aids so it is difficult to phone & try to explain & hear what they can tell me. The day just kept spiralling downward my adhd brain always tells me it’s my fault & yes ‘alot’ of times it is but I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong this time. If you have any suggestions I would be honored to know them.

    • Dr Charles Parker on 11/08/2017 at 6:42 AM

      I would have to look at your computer with you to actually work out these details, but suggest the following solution: just go to the actual page, hit the arrow button there in white on the green play bar and you should be fine. Hope this works – almost guaranteed!

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