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113 Your Future Mind – Hamilton

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Future Mind – Thinking To Change Your Life

Anthony Hamilton is a retired professor of communication, who lives in Victoria, BC, Canada. Currently, he is speaking, coaching private clients and conducting seminars and events based on information in his book, Mind, Time and Power! Using the hidden power of your mind to heal your past and create your future. His passion is to help people make meaningful changes in their lives by employing easy to learn yet very powerful mental tools and techniques.

Key Point

His book details a new model of consciousness based on quantum physics which says Future mind, Time, visualization, guided imagery, affirmative mindthat the mind acts as a kind of time machine, which can connect with and gather information from the past and future equally. Understanding and using this connection to both your past and future mind is the current focus of the bulk of his professional activities. Don’t miss his interesting, insightful perspective on the Reality of Time – your Time.

Anthony Helps Create Your Future Mind

This message affirms in a utilitarian, actionable way a basic formula for overcoming past challenges. With the complexity of mind and daily life, no single solution provides all the answers, but Anthony’s insights will take you far past where you’re stuck to where you intend to go.

Worked With Brian Tracy

He’s also the co-author (with Brian Tracy) of Cracking the Success Code a #1 best-selling book on Amazon. Anthony’s passion is to awaken people to their inborn ability to improve their lives by employing cutting-edge yet simple mental tools and techniques. Using techniques of goal-setting and life-design we can design the optimal future we want to experience. Using mental rehearsal and visualization techniques, we can step into this future in our imaginations. In this way, we can experience it as a full-blown inner sensory experience.

We can then use this optimal Future Mind process as a source of information to design plans for creating it step by step. Eventually, we get to step into it physically, experiencing it as a tangible reality in the present. In this way wet to create, then enjoy this future mind, our future, as the life of our choice.

His message: Use this Future Mind process to make your future self, create your personalized solutions to past negative and limiting lock-downs.


Anthony Reports: Time Tools For Your Future – Here at CBJ/113

  • I was knocked out & in that experience saw my entire future life
  • I started research at 12 yrs old because I thought that future was real
  • Connecting the principles of success, Einstein and Time
  • The turning point for me: when I learned about meditation 
  • I rebuilt my memory with this practice only 20 min/day
  • How Future Mind works
  • How Future Mind can address negativity and trauma
  • How to live in a successful reality 


Anthony’s Bonus Book Drawing – Closes May 19, ’17

Mind, Time & Power

Heal Your Past, Transform Your Present, Create Your Future

At this Link


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Special thanks, Anthony, for your persuasive insights into the evolved connections between past pressures that keep us boxed up, and unboxing tools for future action.


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