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112 ADHD Recovery – 3 Essentials – Anderson

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ADHD Recovery – These Three Essentials Matter

Linda Anderson – Sets a high standard as a master coach who specializes in ADHD recovery. With over 22 years of experience, Linda helps her clients craft inspired goals, identify and utilize strengths, get more organized, and reframe negative thinking. A particular objective of life-long interest for Linda is supporting her clients in the process of adopting healthy body–healthy brain practices.

In this useful episode, Linda outlines three specific executive function insights that prove essential in almost every ADHD recovery or Executive Coaching process. 

Linda Breaks It Down: 1, 2, and an Actionable 3

Remember, ADHD challenges/Executive Function imbalances with the changing realities of our lives always create timing issues. And, just as in sports, if you can’t hit the ball, you can’t run to first. Executive function challenges create timing errors that interfere with your personal development on many levels.

These ADHD Recovery Essentials will help you more efficiently dance to the music.

Linda’s Leadership

It’s noteworthy that Linda’s professional experience shines brightly on many levels. She is a Past President of the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA), the leading adult ADHD organization in the U.S. dealing with ADHD recovery. Linda served on the board there for over twelve years and still serves at the committee level. Linda is also a co-founder of the Philadelphia Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizer’s (NAPO). In addition, Linda has written several articles, including The Body Double, the booklet – Getting Clear and Organizing What’s Left, and has written the free downloadable document, A Guide For Understanding Adult ADD/ADHD, all available on her website below.


Linda Reports: ADHD Recovery Tools – Here at CBJ/112

  • I came to coaching through experience with organization
  • Overwhelm should become a specific diagnosis  
  • Overwhelm from either too much input or driven efforts at perfection
  • Or the third type where the brain just shuts down
  • Their hope is gone in the fog of overwhelm
  • The origin of the Negative Inner Critic
  • Our thoughts are not facts
  • The Healing Path out of overwhelm
  • This simple formula works A+B = C 
  • A simple tool to move past your negative


Linda’s Bonus PDF Handout | Entire Slide Set

Healthy Body and Healthy Brain

What you can do to feel and think better.

At this Link


Website & References

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