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046 Music Heals – Alex Doman

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You’ll be amazed at these brain healing musical applications

Your brain has a natural ability to physically change itself by creating new pathways and connections in response to your experiences, this is called neuroplasticity. Plasticity can be positively stimulated by engaging in the right activities, often enough, over a sufficient period of time, resulting in positive life changes. That is the purpose of our research and our products, to create measurable improvements. Music heals through real changes in the brain.

~ Alex Doman

Alex Doman – Who: Music Heals  

How Alex Started:   

Alex is the founder and CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies, co-founder of Sleep Genius, and bestselling co-author of Healing at the Speed of SoundAlex has written for publications and journals including Sound and Listening in Healthcare and Therapy, Autism Research and Treatment, Autism Science Digest, SI Focus Magazine, Autism Asperger’s Digest, and Cutting Edge Therapies for Autism. He is also the host of The Listening Program Radio & Podcast with guests including; David Perlmutter MD, Daniel Siegel MD, Michael Merzenich, Ph.D., and many other thought leaders. You will love his exciting, fresh perspective on music, sound, and the mind.

Music Heals – An Exceptional Conversation

Alex offers new, insightful perspectives for a variety of interesting biomedical applications.

Alex Doman: What   

 Musical healing is now home-based and affordable            music heals, brain healing, tbi, pcs

His most profound influence – music healing strategies for autism   

How – Autism To Geriatric Applications

Criteria for observing progress 

Visualize auditory balance as a brain objective 

Very young children 

Tonotopic development 

The aging population 

When he hesitates to use this application 


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Alex’s Book & Additional References:


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Healing At The Speed Of Sound

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