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045 Friendship Ends – Dumped Recovery Livingston

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A hard look at what to do when close friendships end

Until now, there’s been very little out there to help with friend break ups. Lots of love-sex counseling, and family counseling, but if you get dumped by a friend you’re on your own. The funniest thing about this ending is that when I let go of needing a friend to prove to myself I was lovable, potential friends came popping out of the woodwork.

~ Sharon Livingston

Dr. Sharon Livingston: Friendship Who 

Her Brief Bio:   

For over 25 years Dr. Sharon Livingston, founder and president of The Livingston Group for Marketing, has been one of the most prominent leaders in the field of motivational research and Insight Mining. She is a recent Past President of QRCA, the largest association of Qualitative Researchers in the world.  Dr. Livingston and her staff specialize in all phases of motivational research, insight mining, brand identity and creative ideation applied to marketing.

Dr. Livingston is a recognized educator in the area of Emotional Marketing Excellence and Insight Mining in qualitative research.

Articles either about or by Dr. Livingston have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Daily News, Newsday, The New York Post, Business Week, Adweek, Brandweek, Advertising and Communication Times, The American Bar Association Journal, Delta Sky, American Demographics, Beverage World, Ms. U.S. News and World Report, Marketing News, Communication World, and Winners. Her work has been referenced in The Group Depth Interview, a book published by Prentice-Hall, and Beyond Mind Games a book published by American Demographics.

Drs. Sharon and Glenn Livingston co-authored a large-scale 5-year study on body language in attraction and dating. The results were used to write a successful e-book, How to Use Body Language which sold 37,000 copies.

Dr. Livingston: What   

Insight Mining   

Dumped: Friendship Loss

What I discovered in my friend regarding chemistry


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