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011 Dr Karen Jacobson – Strategic Performance

Strategic Performance, coaching

Coaching For Now – Strategic Performance For Legacy

Today we’re beyond “coaching,” with vertical advice from above. Strategic performance work sets an objective of internal recovery and discovery – lasting personal value and global contribution.

– Karen Jacobson

Strategic Performance Strategies Discourage Treatment Failure

This articulate and provocative interview with Dr. Jacobson adds considerable insights for the deep value of more comprehensive strategic performance planning… from within. Karen is absolutely delightful and filled with interesting anecdotes that reveal her engaging perspective on a variety of issues – not the least of which is a favorite complaint of mine: reductionistic thinking and labels.

Karen wags her engaging, metaphoric finger at any hint of using fixed pathology vs dynamic, operational, functional options. For her Past Trauma is not fixed with a Disorder label – it’s not PTSD, it’s PTS, no D. ‘Disorder’ creates a pathology dynamic from the outset, while the dynamics of Stress Awareness can become instructive – indeed constructive – to those interested in advanced self-management and leadership. 

Her variety of personal and clinical experiences takes us down interesting, potentially controversial paths, but she speaks with the authority of truly having ‘been there.’ And don’t forget to download her eBook below – her added effort to make your time here at CoreBrain Journal even more productive.

Ed Note:

Dr. Jacobson’s active consultation practice embraces her vast strategic performance experience from NLP , Time Line Therapy , hypnotherapy, breath work, Reiki – and she’s a certified chiropractic sports physician as well.

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Her Message In A Sentence:

Your improved, strategic approach to your life requires a full appreciation of your values, your family, your work relationships, and your physical health – anything less will keep you stuck in places that don’t permit growth.

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  1. Dr Charles Parker on 05/15/2016 at 2:24 PM

    Thanks Neal,
    Clearly an interesting point we have in common – I too love Musashi’s book. Global Amazon Link Here:

    “Rings” was a serious resource for me for the many years I trained in Shotokan Japanese traditional karate. His message in a brief sentence: This is how life works.

    Thanks for weighing in Neal,

  2. Neal on 05/15/2016 at 10:11 AM

    “Strategic performance work sets an objective of internal recovery and discovery – lasting personal value and global contribution.”

    Two factors that were vitally important in my own success were my training in the US Submarine Force were we were encouraged and required to learn every other crew member’s job and my later experience in a hard-style martial arts school. It was in the martial arts school that I was introduced to the greatest book on strategy ever written Miyamoto Mushashi’s Book of Five Rings in which he describes the four ways people go through life and why we must master them all to win personal freedom.

    • Krystal on 05/10/2017 at 8:14 PM

      The voice of rationality! Good to hear from you.

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