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Welcome – From Our CBJ Guests & Dr. Charles Parker

Ongoing Training To Address Treatment Failure

Roadblocks Abound

Informed psychopharmacology must involve not only neurotransmitters and receptor sites but all of the metabolic roadblocks along the way. Predictable psychopharmacology practice involves far more than knowing drug actions and interactions for inadequate label-targets. Today anyone using medications must include an appreciation of the entire biomedical, somatic metabolic grid for more efficient outcomes.

Note: Biomedical impediments erect the singular most predictable, today measurable, somatic barriers that encourage treatment failure. Once understood these same obstacles often present treatment opportunities as we can now set more precise plans to take the roadblocks down. At CBJ our insightful guests regularly target and report findings on those heretofore unforeseeable barriers.

Pharmaceuticals are not the problem. The way they are used without thinking or knowing the specific impediments and built-in biomedical expectations do encourage significant treatment failures globally.

Critical thinking is in – binary, reductionistic, reptilian thinking is out.

To safely travel from anxious-ambiguity through the lands of data-dogma one must navigate the trecherous coasts of both dreams and denial.
~ Parker

Start With The Obvious Complexity of “ADHD”

For complimentary video insights to take the mystery out of the pervasive issue of Executive Function challenges from both diagnostic and treatment perspectives consider this introductory video and connected sets of ~ 60 tutorial videos on YouTube:


YouTube Video Intro 3:22 min – & Video Updates Here


CoreBrain Journal Expert Examples: Issues Beyond “ADHD”

Our psychiatric diagnostic and treatment systems need formal revision. “ADHD” misunderstandings and ineffective treatment represent but a small segment of the pervasive contemporary brain and biomedical misunderstandings. If you suffer from treatment failure and agree, let’s travel and explore these new lands together.

If you don’t wish to connect for ongoing travels together, please nevertheless stay tuned and be prepared. search CBJWhat you don’t know about mind-recovery will eventually visit your doorstep – we’re in this together no matter how you slice it. The reality of mind misunderstandings will likely knock on your door, either personally or with relationships along the way. CBJ expert commentaries offer new hope through peer-reviewed research and clinical experience.

My Paradox: About Changed Perceptions  

It is a very recent disease to mistake the unobserved for the nonexistent;
but some are plagued by the worse disease of mistaking the unobserved for the unobservable.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb

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It’s About Change

About Teamwork & Comprehensive Solution

A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right.
~ Thomas Paine

Team up with our mission here at CBJ to discuss global solutions that arise from provocative new technologies, new diagnostic and treatment options, and new preventative measures for those who suffer in the darkness. I value your partnership on this journey. Get on it, own it, and pass it on.

Thanks, together we can make a difference. [spp-tweet tweet=”Connect with deep #mind #experts for more #brain #biomedical & #neuroscience #solutions @”]


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Biomedical testing/evaluation options: With video explanations – PDF:
YouTube Videos on ADHD Diagnosis & Treatment – For > 10 Years on YouTube – Executive Function: Details Beyond Appearances. Executive Function insights improve diagnosis beyond outdated static labels. ADHD misunderstandings open the door for more careful reviews across the psychiatric spectrum.
CBJ Playlist on YouTube

Dr. Parker For Clinical Evaluations

How: CorepPsych Clinical Evaluation in PDF with Links
Brief Parker Bio in PDF with links – 3 pgs
Full Parker CV in PDF with links – 8 Pages, Updated 9-1-17

If you’re interested in a complimentary, well-organized summary with searchable PDF links to more than 90 ADHD audio and video tutorials on YouTube and elsewhere you can download that updated and helpful list here: