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Jasmine Terrany, LMHC – “I grew up in a home that was far from ordinary. My friends used to jokingly refer to it as Willy Wonka’s Factory. It took me years to fully understand my relationship with the larger world, and to fully understand my role, my work as a mother. My mother practiced Motherhood Mindfulness without training.”

“My mailbox was a big pink heart, purple trim lined the outside of the house, and every post on the walkway to my front door, along with every cabinet in the kitchen, boasted a different pastel color. There was a red illuminated ‘love’ sign accompanied by hot pink leather couches, and wall hangings full of hearts and ice cream sundaes. My home gushed with delicious love. At the time, I thought it was ordinary. Weren’t all homes overflowing with smiles and hugs?”

Her Evolution

“This happy home represented my mom’s inner world. She was a being of pure love. She fully understood Motherhood Mindfulness and Mastery. She had a deep wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of life, an ease in the loving way she approached all people and circumstances. Of all the parents I’ve known, of all the experiences I’ve heard, in over 50 countries of world travel, I’ve never come across any parent who compared to my mother.”

“On one hand I felt extremely grateful for this upbringing, yet on the other hand, I felt unworthy, aware that I hadn’t done anything to deserve this life. This unworthiness created a challenge in my twenties, for I judged my struggles.”

“I told myself I had no reason to suffer, so many people had it worse. It wasn’t a big deal that I longed for a deep, everlasting partnership, yet kept being attracted to men for superficial reasons. It wasn’t a big deal that I would binge, then restrict my food and over exercise the next day. It wasn’t a big deal that I felt insecure when starting my career. What I didn’t realize, was that downplaying my issues was intensifying them.”

Personal Notes For This CBJ Episode

“When I decided to become a therapist, I realized that if I was going to be “the best” therapist possible, I had to experience therapy from the other side. I made my weekly appointments my sacred time. I trusted the process. I confronted my fears. I let myself be vulnerable. I cried. I released. I challenged. I accepted. And I evolved as a therapist, a person and guide for Motherhood Mindfulness.”

Her training and transformational tragedy will help with your next steps for evolving your process and practice of self-realization.

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256 Dr. Christopher Avery joins us at CBJ to discuss Leadership and the Responsibility Process. When something goes wrong, large or small (for example, lost keys or a lost retirement account), The Responsibility Process kicks in. The mind works hard to Lay Blame as a reason for the problem.

If you accept blame as a sufficient reason, then you will act on that blame. If you don’t accept it, then your mind offers you an excuse (Justify) – and so on. Thus, taking personal responsibility is a step-wise process of refusing to act on a series of irresponsible thoughts that your mind offers up.

Responsibility/irresponsibility does not delineate a character trait/flaw. It’s a mental process operating identically in everyone. The process can be observed, learned, taught, studied, developed, modeled, and practiced. Any willing individual, team, or organization can practice responsibility at ever higher levels. The Responsibility Process is most useful when self-applied. It backfires when used to Lay Blame on others.


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