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multiple brain integration technique

Multiple Brain Integration Technique – Use Every Brain Effectively

Bill Lee Emery – Is a coach who joins us from The Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia for this interesting review of our three brains, – what they do, and how to use them effectively. He is a mBIT – Multiple Brain Integration Technique – Coach and mBIT Master Trainer – and his favorite tribe-folk are heart-based entrepreneurs. [Is there an entrepreneur out there who isn’t heart based?]

This interview will take you to places you intuitively already knew, and then adds clear maps with improved brain function markers to improve your response accuracy and timing.

Bill’s Mission Is Both Deep & Practical for Everyday Life

Bill has a passion for helping people learn about themselves. Through his work over the past 35 years, he has taught thousands of clients and students how to improve various aspects of their lives through utilitarian coaching for improved self-management. Besides working in the corporate world, Bill facilitated personal growth programs at one of Australia’s best-known health resorts in Queensland.

Multiple Brain Integration Techniques find application in many of life’s venues.

He has also worked with many elite sportspeople including the Australian National Skydiving Team and other individuals including world-class cyclists, triathletes, and golfers. He is the author of four books, appeared on several TV programs including ‘Good Morning Australia’ and has featured on various radio programs throughout Australia and overseas. – Strongly recommended, very interesting at any level.

*Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash

Listen To Bill Explain How Each Brain Works

mBIT, Mulitple Brain Integration Technique, offers unique insights and highly efficient processes you can easily train to use to overcome these kinds of challenges in your life.

Through a series of relatively simple yet powerful techniques, you can balance your autonomic nervous system, allowing you easier access to communicate with your three brains.

Once you are connected and communicating with your three brains, you now have the opportunity to align them, i.e., get them in agreement with each other. No more running in different directions. And here’s where things start to become fascinating.

Congruency Matters

Communication and alignment of your brains are vital for congruence, success, and happiness in life. Imagine how incredibly life-enhancing it is when your many minds are working harmoniously together to produce generative wisdom in your life!

Having your brains aligned allows you to quickly and effortlessly tap into the innate wisdom that resides inside you. You will be able to resolve internal conflicts so that you feel more congruent in your life, bring deep intuitive sense into your decision making and action taking, connect to yourself and others in ways you may not have experienced before and create wise and compelling goals, dreams and outcomes.

A Brief Multiple Brain Integration Technique Overview – The importance of each brain’s Prime Function

Each mind has a defined, distinct job to do. Just like in a company or organization where different people have different roles to perform, each brain has its specialized tasks.

And yet, if we don’t know what these prime functions are or how to access them efficiently and optimally, it’s highly likely that we could find ourselves experiencing all kinds of internal conflicts and struggles in life.

Perhaps you can relate to situations like these:

  • You’re not even hungry, and you’re eating anyway. Your head knows it’s a futile attempt to fill the emptiness inside and yet you can’t stop yourself from devouring the last of the chocolate cake!
  • You’re making goals and plans for your life that feel exciting. And then, you sabotage your dreams. Fear blocks you from moving forward, or procrastination holds your intentions at bay. It’s frustrating, and you just don’t understand why you can’t move forward consistently.
  • You feel confused about an important issue in your life because your head says one thing, your heart says another and your gut is merely churning over it all and making you feel sick. There’s internal conflict between your thoughts, feelings, and action.

These kinds of situations are common when the three brains are not aligned and not working well together, or where one brain might be trying to fulfill the role of another. It’s also possible for one or more of your three brains to be in conflict or antagonism with another. And it’s times like this when we find people experiencing struggle in their life because their brains are fighting each other or merely ignoring each other.

Each Brain’s Prime Functions:

  • Head Brain
    • Cognitive Perception
    • Thinking
    • Making Meaning
  • Heart Brain
    • Emoting/Deep Feelings
    • How we connect with people
    • Values
  • Gut Brain
    • Identity
    • Self-preservation/safety
    • Mobilization/capacity to act

The Importance of Each Brain’s Prime Function

Each brain has a clear, distinct job to do. Just as in a company or organization where different people have different roles to perform, each brain has its specialized tasks.

And yet, if we don’t know what these prime functions are or how to access them efficiently and optimally, it’s highly likely that we could find ourselves experiencing all kinds of internal conflicts and struggles in life.

Once you understand and can assess/recognize the patterns, then Multiple Brain Integration Technique can create more efficient, actionable, balanced outcomes.


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