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Insightful Intention, Reality, and Truth – Rethinking Thinking

A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on it’s boots.
~ Johnathan Swift 1710

Gleb Tsipursky, Ph.D., from Columbus, OH, provides expertise in science-based decision-making and emotional and social intelligence through Insightful Intention to help leaders and organizations avoid disaster. He researches insightful intention as a tenure-track professor at The Ohio State University’s Decision Sciences Collaborative and History Department.

Gleb also runs a nonprofit that popularizes science-based strategies for effective decision-making, goal achievement, emotional and social intelligence, meaning and purpose, mental and emotional well-being, and altruism in politics, business, and other life areas: Intentional Insights. He publishes articles on insightful intention in prominent venues and appears regularly as a guest expert on TV, radio, podcasts, and videocasts. An Amazon best-selling author, he is most well-known for Find Your Purpose Using Science, and his soon-to-be-published Pro-Truth Politics: Fighting Post-Truth Politics and Alternative Facts with Behavioral Science. 

His comments regarding truth in politics also encourage accuracy in the politics of mind diagnosis and treatment. Beliefs must embrace data.

Gleb’s thought provoking insights refine the way your brain can grow improved coping through balanced self-management in the context of unpredictable change. How you think matters. Planning details matter.

Ed Note

Quite interestingly, Dr. Tsipursky elaborates on John Kennedy’s theme from this just prior CBJ/123 interview. In one sentence: he also trains you how to think – same intention, different teaching process. Listen to his deeper thinking and applications with the perspective of Systems 2 processing to lead your work and your organization.

More About Insightful Intention – Decision Making In Mind Science

Essential reference: Thinking Fast And Slow by Kahneman – Global Amazon Link. Both of these interviews [CBJ/123 & 124] address interesting applications for advanced System 2 thinking for your personal development and for the evolution of mind science. Group-think and label-beliefs encourage more regressive and limited System 1, binary thinking. System 1 processesas you will see in this summary from Wikipedia, are more stereotypical reactive with diminished prefrontal cortical, executive function process – no strategy or tactics. It’s more than antique, it’s primitive: complexity is out, feelings and beliefs are in.

Thinking Examples -Kahneman

  • System 1: Immediate Survival – Absent insightful intention – Fast, automatic, frequent, emotional, stereotypic, subconscious, and most importantly, reductionistic and time-bound on the present [Korzybski]. Think: emotionally reactive, without thinking. Examples (in order of complexity) of things System 1 can do:
    • see that an object is at a greater distance than another
    • localize the source of a specific sound
    • complete the phrase “war and …”
    • display disgust when seeing a gruesome image
    • solve 2+2=?
    • read a text on a billboard
    • drive a car on an empty road
    • come up with a good chess move (if you’re a chess master)
    • understand simple sentences
    • connect the description ‘quiet and structured person with an eye for details’ to a particular job
  • System 2: Uses insightful intention – Slower to start, effortful, infrequent, logical, inclusive, calculating, conscious – involving planning, strategy, the big picture, the future beyond this moment in time able to balance and cognitively consider complexity. Examples of things System 2 can do:
    • brace yourself before the start of a sprint
    • point your attention towards the clowns at the circus
    • point your attention towards someone at a loud party
    • look out for the woman with the gray hair
    • dig into your memory to recognize a sound
    • sustain a higher than average walking rate
    • determine the appropriateness of a behavior in a social setting
    • count the number of A’s in a particular text
    • give someone your phone number
    • park into a tight parking space
    • determine the price/quality ratio of two washing machines
    • determine the validity of a complex logical reasoning [!]

Gleb’s Insightful Mind Processing Details Here  – CBJ/124

  • Our team perspective for Intentional Insights [4:40]
  • Mind challenges exist on a spectrum of complexity [7:47]
  • I like to start with the question of “Why?” on troubled decisions [8:24]
  • The problem with System 1 thinking [10:40]
  • Our cognitive biases, our gut feelings, can steer us wrong [11:40]
  • List of cognitive biases at Wikipedia – backfire effect [15:21]
  • How politics is harmed by the confirmation bias [16:03]
  • Groupthink, group survival and truth – from millennia [17:51]
  • Galileo and groupthink [I didn’t prepare him!] [21:09]
  • Friends or the truth? [22:28]
  • From cave mentality to civilized thinking – different value systems [27:30]
  • Numbers help as estimations of probability – as measures of Reality [34:35]
  • Meaning, purpose and mind health [38:44]
  • What kind of world do we want to live in – my shift to politics [40:04]
  • Take the pledge at Protruth Pledge [41:08]


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Find Your Purpose Using Science

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Websites & References

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125 William Shaw, Ph.D., is board certified in the fields of clinical chemistry and toxicology by the American Board of Clinical Chemistry. Before he founded The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc. in Lenexa, KS, Dr. Shaw worked for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Children’s Mercy Hospital, the University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Medicine, and Smith Kline Laboratories. He is the author of Biological Treatments for Autism and PDD, originally published in 1998 and Autism: Beyond the Basics, published in 2009. He is also a frequent speaker at conferences worldwide. Dr. Shaw is the stepfather of a child with autism and has helped thousands of patients and medical practitioners to successfully improve the lives of people with autism, ADHD/Executive Function, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, bipolar disorder, chronic fatigue, depression, fibromyalgia, immune deficiencies, multiple sclerosis, OCD, Parkinson’s disease, seizure disorders, tic disorders, Tourette’s syndrome, and other serious conditions.


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