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Reality: Martial Arts Combat Parallels Life Changes

Teaching people, be it about how to live on the battlefield or in the boardroom, is about three changes: mindset, communication, habits.  When we decide to change our mindset regarding how we want to live, and then apply it to how we communicate with the world, we see real change.  It’s a matter of creating habits around these new ways of living.
– Matt Powell

Life Lessons: Did You Ever Lose An Argument – Or A Relationship?

Matthew Powell – Master of self-improvement, life lessons, and the martial arts, Matt is a training authority who connects human motion and human motivation.  The author of five industry-leading books, two dozen instructional videos, hundreds of online tutorial videos, featured on tv and in magazines around the globe, Matt is respected internationally for his works on learning and teaching.

Either Get Up And Learn   – Or You Lose For A Lifetime

Matt focuses on expanding and adapting his considerable martial arts experience to focus on personal growth – useful life lessons. In this CBJ/088 Episode, Matt addresses the interesting parallel process-challenges between the training room and real life. His mission aims to improve people’s lives – not just for martial arts students, but for everyone who wants to improve their overall life strategies, their psychological well-being, and their self-mastery.

Ed Note: A key change resource for Matt is the process of unhooking from Time-Bound thinking [Korzybski] and Past-Negative context.

Fighters Who Fail

Matt’s works show you the principles of success making and failure-stopping. Having taught tens of thousands of students over nearly two decades, Matt noticed a common theme in the failure of fighters:  their inability to get over their last fight.  Matt discovered that due to our original wiring we are programmed to rely on the past for almost everything we do.

Too often we see challenging moments as directly related to a moment like it in the past. With our experiences and life led filtering the present through the past, leading the life we want becomes nearly impossible as it’s preloaded with negative probabilities.

The Prism Of The Past Often Overlooks The Opportunity For Change

With our experiences and daily life led filtering the present moments through the prism of the past, leading the life we want becomes almost impossible.  Within this personal discovery, Matt began to develop new ways of teaching fighting skills that other martial artists had not used before, and soon found it worked outside of martial arts:  it could work for anyone.  Matt first studied and interpreted the way each of our bodies moves, and minds react.

He then translated these patterns into the elements of success and failure in life itself, in each person’s unique life, to understand it and then to explain it in understandable ways to others – means known by everyone, no matter where you live in the U.S. or around the globe.

His Mission

Just as he has studied and interpreted the way each of our bodies moves and minds react on the fighting mats, Matt has broken down the elements of success and failure in life itself, in each person’s life.  He then assesses these various patterns and explains them in understandable ways, as life lessons that work globally. Self-management, life lesson patterns are at once personal and universal.

In this CBJ/088 Episode. he tells us how he learned to break down and repackage his/our life lessons.


Matt Powell: Life Lessons Here At CBJ/088

  • How I became interested in the Russian martial arts [2:46]
  • My trainer dug into the physics &  the details of martial arts [7:00]
  • The mystery was out, the teaching was in [7:28]
  • Next thing I know I’m over in Russia in crappy wooden gym [8:05]
  • With Victor I learned to teach [11:57]
  • Concept: If I teach you that throw, I’m teaching the neurology [21:03]
  • On the Sword of No Sword – drawing the negative to you [26:20]
  • Signal anxiety – we go to what we know and lock down [27:37]
  • Next thing I know I’m involved in personal growth for Joe six pack [32:43]
  • I found that almost everyone in transition is locked in the past [38:16]
  • How to use these lessons for applications in life [43:50]


Matt’s PDF Download For Your Next Steps Here 

8 Concepts To Change Your Future


Matt’s Website

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Life Lessons & Body Work: Previous CBJ Interviews

As you well know, every guest here at CBJ reports on their perspective of measurable, underlying, overlooked factors that can lead to stigma, dogma, labels and treatment failure. These posts focus on additional self-management perspectives. See the references at each of these pages.


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