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Without Self-Confidence Progress Is Complicated

Before becoming a self-confidence coach I didn’t know how to get outside of myself and really get to know others. I was so caught up in Me that I never really connected with others. After my “opening” everything is now so much easier. My whole world is about getting to know others and being of service to them. Now when I’m nervous I go into service.
~ Brad Finkeldei

Brad Finkeldei Helps Us Open To Different Realities

And as with most activities in life, indeed with everyone we interview here at CBJ, we discourage reductionistic, simplistic and polemic thinking. Because as you already know, here at CBJ depression is more than depression, anxiety is far more than anxiety. In this interview, we discuss the variables troubles with diminished self-confidence. Very few of us have absolutely no self-confidence, but when a higher percentage of your cognitive and emotional disarray directly hits your self-confidence, motivation dies on the vine.

Self Confidence Targets: Both Biology & Psychology

The outcome of these self-confidence challenges can at first naturally present as self-questioning.  Naturally, self-reflection is a reasonable response to any developmental struggle, to any next steps. However, if stuck or arrested in the passage of time, with hesitancy to move forward over days, often creates real compromises in life.  Yes, developmental arrest, as you listeners well know, can arise from biological imbalances, and with new mind-measurement tools, we can target specific change details to build precise improvements – to correct that biologic foundation. In this CBJ/068 Episode, Brad addresses motivational, self-confidence arrest based on the psychology of limited thinking and feeling. self confidence, self management, recovery

Changing Reality Is Opportunity

Consequently, each new reality in life does create opportunities for a reset, a mind reset – a Mindset change to take stock and move forward with confidence. Brad notes that resetting on service to others encourages self-confidence.

Brad’s Personal View – From Me To You

“My Mindset change helped create the opportunity to write my best-selling book, and speak internationally. In this Episode, I’ll tell you how I even chased down a thief and then after understanding his world I gave him some money. It sounds weird, but interpersonal connections matter in the grand scheme of changing your perceptions to improve your own self-worth.”

Brad Shares Self-Confidence Details At CBJ/068

  • I still wasn’t fulfilled, so I reached out to a life coach [2:34]
  • When I considered life coaching as a career [6:45]
  • I couldn’t make up my mind, so – “Consider it an experiment” [11:14]
  • I learned where confidence comes from [12:07]
  • The deep Rubber Chicken Application [12:28]
  • Confronting a thief [15:42]
  • Use the STRONG acronym to move forward [27:50]
  • N: When you’re Nervous go into Service [31:24]


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