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ADHD Requires More Than Guesswork

By taking the overall system as well as its parts into account, systems thinking is designed to avoid potentially contributing to further development of unintended consequences.
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Brain Hacks: Alan Talks Directly To Specific Street Applications

Brain Hacks For ADHD Take Participants To An Improved Level Of Thinking And Action

An entrepreneur, ADHD/productivity coach and host of Crusher™TV [www.CrusherTV.com], Alan is the creative force behind ADD Crusher™, the award-winning video series designed for ADHD teens and adults that was named a CHADD Innovative Program in 2013.

Undiagnosed for decades, Alan’s untreated ADHD manifested in underachievement, failed relationships, substance abuse, and worse. Once diagnosed, he found it difficult to learn coping strategies from books, so he developed his own unique and interesting “brain hack” strategies while building a successful advertising career and several successful start-ups. He’s a featured presenter at ADHD conferences in the U.S. and abroad, at TEDx, and co-hosts ADDA’s weekly webinars as well as his own Crusher™TV, a weekly online TV show that teaches how to “unleash the power of your brain” via productivity brain hacks.

Parker Personal Note

You will love listening to Alan’s entertaining, insightful, street-wise-maven insights with his almost-in-your-face New Jersey candor. His intelligent, common sense approach carries the passion of a serious convert from his own painful experiences. He dives deeper for details below the surface that can change your life as they have changed his.  I’ve known Alan for several years of speaking together at various ADHD conferences, and he is clearly making a difference for a wide variety of folks at many levels. Dig in and download his helpful PDF below to connect with strategy specifics.

Personal Brain Hack Notes From Alan     

I love to teach productivity brain hacks. As someone who, as an undiagnosed ADHD adult, was not in control of my thoughts, focus and often, behaviors, I have made it my mission to develop and curate ways to be more productive with less stress and drama — by simply “throwing switches” in one’s mind. And, of course, while also feeding one’s brain with the right fuels – both physical and behavioral.  

brain hacks, adult add, executive function, recovery, adhd

Alan Brown – Executive Function Coach

As an underachiever, drunk and drug addict until I was 29, I next struggled in the advertising business until I learned some basic “brain hacks” from Deepak Chopra, Dr. Stephen Covey and a few others. When I was diagnosed at 36 with ADHD, and properly treated, I set out to learn everything I could about my condition. 

But I found it difficult to learn coping strategies from books (30% of those who suffer with ADHD are dyslexic; most of the other 70% have poor reading comprehension). I could not understand why there were no video/audio instructional systems. As a result of the frustration of not-knowing and after even more searches, I created ADD Crusher™ — video/audio/print tools for ADHD teens and adults. I wanted to become part of the solution.

From the time that I began working basic brain hacks for focus and accessing my underlying creativity, soon after I was first diagnosed and treated, my career trajectory amplified up at warp speed. From mid-5 figures in a lower-level exec position (at age 36!) to VP and Employee of the Year with six figures…all within two years. (And during that time I co-founded a start-up on the side that was later sold for eight figures).

Listen up, pass this CBJ/030 along – Alan talks to Main Street in understandable details – and he cares.

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